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Watch: Morano on Fox News: The UN believes ‘they have a monopoly on truth’ – ‘Big Tech censorship is Government censorship’ – Unfiltered w/ Dan Bongino

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Marc Morano: The Elites Think Climate Is Their ‘Intellectual Property’

MORANO: “The UN believes it’s their intellectual property rights. So if you say anything about The Science, you’re not allowed. They have a monopoly on truth. That is actually their mindset. What is the United Nations climate panel? It’s a self-serving lobbying organization started in 1988 that this looking at whether CO2 causes a climate catastrophe. If they fail to find that it does cause it, they would have no reason to exist. BTW: As a bonus, if they say that CO2 is causing a catastrophe, the UN is also in charge of coming up with a solution through Paris climate accords. …

MORANO: What’s shocking is that Google and the United Nations in a form of collusion and Google get together and suppress dissent and literally silence anyone who would dare challenge the self-serving lobbying organization like the United Nations climate panel.“

Dan Bongino: I know you wrote a book called The Great Reset. This is part of that Great Reset. Top-down totalitarian information control, isn’t it?

Marc Morano: It really is. If you see what is happening now: They are collapsing our energy, food, transportation, and our free speech rights. They are doing it all without a vote. It is the Chinafication of America. Big Tech censorship is Government censorship. It is the collusion between the two. We see it in COVID and climate everyday.

Dan Bongono: Marc Morano. Thanks a lot for your time. We appreciate it.