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Media Matters calls Morano a ‘notorious climate denier…a staple of Fox News’ pro-fossil fuels & anti-climate programming’

Right-wing media and climate deniers celebrate Supreme Court ruling limiting federal government’s power to tackle climate change

Media Matters: “Marc Morano, a notorious climate denier who is a staple of Fox News’ pro-fossil fuels and anti-climate programming, used the Supreme Court decision as an opportunity to deny the reality of climate change”



Media Matters: Climate denier Marc Morano celebrated the decision: “‘EPA loses – America Wins’: Supreme Court rules against overreach by EPA”


Morano’s original article: Supreme Court issues pro-science & democracy ruling on CO2: Morano: ‘One small step for climate sanity, one giant leap for democracy’

Cheers! Biden’s climate agenda collapses: Dem Sen Manchin kills Build Back BANKRUPT bill – Manchin accused of altering Earth’s ‘geologic record’