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Supreme Court issues pro-science & democracy ruling on CO2: Morano: ‘One small step for climate sanity, one giant leap for democracy’

AP: Supreme Court limits EPA in curbing power plant emissions

SCOTUS Reins in the Power of the EPA

‘EPA loses – America Wins’: Supreme Court rules against overreach by EPAStatement on the ruling by CO2 Coalition Chair William Happer: “The decision is a very welcome reaffirmation of the Constitutional rights of citizens of the United States. Untouched is the question of whether the Constitution allows Congress to make scientifically incorrect decisions by majority vote, for example: that carbon dioxide, a beneficial gas that is essential to life on Earth, is a pollutant.”

It’s Official: Supreme Court reins in EPA on Clean Power Plan!

MSNBC: Supreme Court is ‘now a threat to the planet’ – ABC News: ‘Who is going to save the planet?’ – Dems & media melt down over high court’s EPA decision

ABC White House correspondent Mary Alice Parks tweeted fearfully, “Who is going to save the planet?”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) calls Supreme Court EPA ruling on power plant emissions ‘catastrophic

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “Our planet is on fire, and this extremist Supreme Court has destroyed the federal government’s ability to fight back. This radical Supreme Court is increasingly facing a legitimacy crisis, and we can’t let them have the last word.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: “Run out of words to describe this court, but, among other things, it’s now a threat to the planet.”

CBS Newsman Dan Rather: “Dear Supreme Court, Thanks for nothing. – Planet Earth”

All Eyes on SCOTUS: Supreme Court to Issue Climate Endangerment Finding Ruling – To Decide if EPA has authority to regulate CO2 or Congress

Flashback 2007: Inhofe Spokesman Morano: ‘CO2 is not an air pollutant and should not be treated as one’…

Flashback 2007: Inhofe Spokesman Morano: ‘CO2 is not an air pollutant and should not be treated as one’…

The Vindication of EPA’s Alan Carlin: ‘In 2009, when EPA announced its ‘endangerment’ finding…Carlin, a 35-year veteran EPA employee…produced a 98-page critique’

Watch: Climatologist explains why EPA Endangerment Finding on CO2 should be vacated

The Scientific Case for Vacating the EPA’s Carbon Dioxide Endangerment Finding

CEI Report: EPA Using Flawed Models as Basis for Regulating Carbon Dioxide – EPA should withdraw from 2009 Endangerment FindingMorano: “Who can blame a judge? for blocking oil and gas drilling due to ‘climate’ – ‘Trump admin. has not challenged CO2 endangerment finding’ – Bush admin ‘rubber-stamped UN’ reports