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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on electric car myths: ‘When you plug in your electric car, you’re recharging that battery with fossil fuels’


Fox & Friends – Fox News Channel – Broadcast March 20, 2022

Marc Morano Appears on Fox & Friends To Discuss Electric Cars with Rachel Campos-Duffy


Rought Transcript excerpts: 

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Biden urges Americans to buy electric cars. How reliable and green are they really? Let’s break it down. It costs on average more than $62,000 to buy an electric car 27% of its electricity source is powered by coal and natural gas accounts for 35%. The battery component of an electric car uses 74% more carbon dioxide than a conventional German car. And those batteries use raw materials from you guessed it, China.

Marc Morano is a publisher from Climate Depot and he joins us now to react. Marc, thank you so much for joining us this morning. I’m so confused because the Biden administration for the last couple of weeks when they’ve been confronted with the high price of gasoline, they keep just saying we’ll just buy an electric car. It’s not even that green

Morano: No, they’re not what Pete Buttigieg edge and President Biden forget to mention is that first of all, 80% of plus of global energy production is from fossil fuels. And in the United States, it’s 80 plus percent. So when you go and plug in your electric car and you pat yourself on the back for being nice and green, you’re powering that battery, you’re recharging that battery with fossil fuels. That’s the first thing,  and that doesn’t even bring into how they put the batteries together.

All the rare earth mining is giving China the world monopoly on this. China is buying up Africa. They’re going in places like Congo, where 70% of the world’s cobalt. They are using underage labor. They’re using Uyghur slaves in China. They are the ones we have to turn to and they are making us more reliant on them to dig up the Earth without our higher environmental standards. We’re outsourcing our pollution to get electric cars that run and recharge on fossil fuels. It makes no environmental sense in that regard.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: So why is it that environmentalists or even this administration and the whole environmental activist, you know, lobby, why isn’t this more informed? You know, more out there? Why don’t more Americans know this? I mean, some of this stuff I just learned in preparing for this interview with you. I I actually did think it was more green. I was concerned about the China battery part. But I didn’t know that it wasn’t green. Why isn’t that common knowledge?

Morano: It is coming out because there’s a massive push from academia from climate activists from the administration. Here’s the biggest problem, they’re pushing this on us,  they’re not giving us the choice. The energy secretary under Obama wanted European-style gas prices. Our current energy secretary wants to keep gas in the ground.  She said the worlds of fire due to global warming–  she did a video.

So what they’re trying to do is keep gas prices high to give us no choice. They’re putting higher corporate average fuel economy standards to make cars more expensive. It is ultimately people like Andrew Yang, who wanted to eliminate private car ownership of the internal combustion engine and instead offer roving fleets of rental electric cars. They’re shorter range, you can’t drive them as long there harder. You have to build infrastructure. It’s ultimately a way to take away our mobility. That’s part of the ideology of this.

The International Energy Agency just had a report out saying you can’t travel on Sunday and we need odd/even license plates plan. They like the crisis of high gas prices. That’s what they’re pushing here. And electric cars are perfect because it sort of keeps people a little bit more boxed in than the internal combustion engine.

Rachel Campos-Duffy:  Yeah, it limits your freedom. And it’s it’s kind of evil, that it’s by design, and I just think that more people need to learn the things that you’re putting out there in your organization. What’s your website, again?

Morano: It’s But in my book, Green Fraud, I extensively go into the to the folly of electric cars. I even quote Michael Moore, the progressive filmmaker who did a film called Planet of the Humans. And he’s like, Gee when you plug in your car, I wonder where that energy is actually coming from? Even people like Michael Moore have woken up on electric cars.

Rachel Campos-Duffy:  Well, let’s hope that this war and Ukraine wakes people up because it also has enormous national security implications. And so many of the people pushing the green New Deal, and these policies have a lot to be accountable for and what’s happened now in Europe. So Marc, so great having you on thank you so much. I hope people will check out your book and your website.

Morano: Thank you, Rachel. Appreciate it.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Of course.


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