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‘The Church of World Climatology’

Special to Climate Depot


Scientism And the Two Religions that Depend on It –

By Kerry M. Chase

The idea of forcing people to worship a god not of their own choosing has already been tried, repeatedly. It has always failed miserably while causing innumerable deaths in the process. Religion, like politics, engenders as many tyrants as it does honest guardians of human well-being.
Those attacks on humanity also produced shining examples of defenders of truth and warriors for freedom. Our ancestors had to endure the overbearing diktats of Emperors, Popes, Dictators and Kings. We are the remnants of those who managed to live through those oppressive times. But, now, it looks like we’re going to get the chance to show our own true colors as we are tested and tried by a new spate of tyrants. In spite of the fact we formed a country with a Constitution designed to protect us against tyranny, we are already witnessing the erosion of those inalienable rights.
For decades, the self-appointed “Elite” in our country and around the world have been scheming to set up a New World Order based on themselves being the Masters sitting on top of the Pyramid of Power. They use every device available to them to achieve this end. Most recently the new tyrants have created two new religions which they hope will enable them to subject us to their own wills.
I) The Supreme Church of Medical Scientism; This religion was established on the notion that the Earth is overpopulated and must be culled, leaving only a maximum of 500,000,000 souls, enough to perform the tasks required to enable the Church’s Elite to enjoy a labor-free life. Its success depends on the willingness of the masses to comply with the Church’s commands, no matter how ridiculous they might appear.
A) The Current First Scientist: Dr. Anthony Fauci, “I am Science!” Klaus Schwab, “The Founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF)” and the promoter of the New World Order is the current Most Elevated Portavoz. He supervises a small cadre of billionaire eugenicists who direct the activities of the various denominations.
B) The Denominations
1) Big Government–Regulators; This church specializes in forming laws which enable the Supreme Church to meet its ends. These members develop the “Creed” for the Supreme Church. This Creed is based largely on fear, panic, and confusion.
2) Big Tech; This church specializes in articulating the indisputable messages of the Supreme Church. These members produce and enforce the “Creed” for the Supreme Church. This denomination sparks the fires and fans the flames of confusion among the masses, causing them to become lost in a sea of Mass Formation Psychosis.
3) Big Pharma; These church members specialize in producing the Works which advance the stated goals of the Supreme Church. These members are the missionaries for the Supreme Church. They develop the product and administer it to the willing masses, intent on regaining their freedoms from disease, usually pandemic, which threatens their perceived well-being.
II) The Church of World Climatology; This religion was established on the principle that humans are the de facto blight on planet Earth. Human activities like exhaling, multiplying, using hydrocarbon energy sources, and inventing every conceivable kind of tool to enable their own happiness and well-being, create intolerable levels of CO2 in the atmosphere causing extremes in the climate–called weather events. This is referred to as the Original Sin of human existence. The Church believes that CO2 must be eliminated from the atmosphere and sequestered in the Abyss along with a large number of the humans themselves, save for just a few–enough to serve the needs of the Church’s Elite. The success of the Church depends on its promotion of the basic ignorance of the masses and the ordained complexity of Climatology itself. In order to support the beliefs of the Church, the best Scientism that money can buy must be developed and maintained.
A) The Current First Climatologist: Albert C. Gore, “We only have 10 years until the Earth experiences a BURNING!” John F. Kerry, alias, “Big ‘Carbon’ Foot,” is his current Most Elevated Portavoz.
B) The Denominations
1) Big Universities; This network of member churches are dedicated to producing the best Climatological Scientism that money can buy. Based on their best  contrived Scientism, these members develop the unquestionable “Creed” for the Church of World Climatology.
2) The UN-IPCC; These members form an International coalition of adherents specializing in the articulation and promotion of the Creed of the best Climatological Scientism that money can buy.  This promotion is to include everyone on Earth whether they are members of the Church or not.
3) The Church of Faithful Politicos; These members put a face on the most holy Creed, also called the Green New Deal, which promises Nirvana to those who abandon all use of hydrocarbons on Earth. This abandonment of CO2 will cause most plants on Earth to die back, resulting in famine and a sharp reduction in the number of humans themselves-one of the hidden sacred teachings of the Church. This process will be continued until the Church’s Elite feel comfortable with their new surroundings and servants.
4) The Church of the Pacifying Sheep; These members specialize in proselytizing for the Church of World Climatology. These are the true Warriors, Inquisitors, and Enforcers for the Creed of the Church’s best Climatological Scientism that money can buy. Their name and identifying habit derives from their characteristic wolf-like manners, but their beguiling sheep-like appearance.