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‘The Church of World Climatology’

Special to Climate Depot   Scientism And the Two Religions that Depend on It – By Kerry M. Chase The idea of forcing people to worship a god not of their own choosing has already been tried, repeatedly. It has always failed miserably while causing innumerable deaths in the process. Religion, like politics, engenders as […]

Intl Energy Agency report urges ENERGY LOCKDOWNS: ‘Banning use of private cars on Sundays…Reducing highway speed limits…more working from home…cutting business air travel’ & SUV ‘tax’

Via Axios: Russia crisis spurs push to cut oil use By Ben Geman The International Energy Agency just unveiled ideas for quickly cutting oil demand at a time when Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine could bring substantial loss of Russian barrels from global markets. Why it matters: The 10-point plan comes amid IEA warnings that the war […]