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Watch Morano: Given pace of green energy disaster, it’s possible ‘Joe Biden could be praising coal & gas & oil by the next State of the Union Address’




Unleash American Energy Production! With Marc Morano

As America withdraws from Russian energy, progressives are hedging their bets on more foreign energy production. But what about domestic energy here in the United States? On today’s episode we are joined by our friend Marc Morano of Climate Depot to talk all things energy independence and how it is directly affecting our gas prices and foreign policy in America. Also on this week’s episode we discuss the demise of COVID regulations and the rise of Russiaphobia. Even Russian blue cats are being affected. – ” ” Twitter: Instagram:… Donate:

Morano on how Biden’s energy shortages and skyrocketing prices may lead to death of climate movement:

Morano excerpt: Here’s my analogy. Look at what happened with the defund the police movement from what was less than two years you went from not only defund the police but to abolish the police and then we saw that experiment play out in real-time. It’s easy to say ‘defund and abolish the police’ when you’re there and the police departments are already in existence but then you start seeing and happen in real-time you see what happens in San Francisco and Seattle and Chicago and New York and Washington.

Less than two years later Democratic president Joe Biden is on the floor of the United States Congress, giving his State of the Union, saying we need to fund the police and you see Vice President Kamala harris stand up and applaud and Democrats stand up and applaud. That’s a complete policy reversal.

So what I think could happen and this is the hopeful message here —  for a decade-plus and I remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of California and he passed his big climate bill. I said this is so easy for someone like Schwarzenegger, he gets all the virtue-signaling. He gets all the pats in the back from environmental groups. The media, everyone loves him, Hollywood celebrities. But he’s done nothing. Because the consequences of what Arnold Schwarzenegger did back in 2006  I believe it was, won’t be felt until five to seven years later and now of course California is feeling the consequences as they face the highest energy prices and rolling blackouts and future blackouts to come.

But it didn’t have any consequence back then. So I think what’s happened here is for decades politicians in Europe and the United States were able to virtue signal to the green movement with no consequence. ‘2030 zero-emissions goal or 2025 this tipping point, we’re going to do this, we’re going to have net-zero. It all sounded great. Pour concrete in the fracking wells. We’re serious about this.’ 

And then what happens? The chickens have come home to roost and so if you look at what’s happened with the German chancellor — I cannot remember his name (Chancellor Olaf Scholz) but he replaced Angela Merkel, he just came out and reversed Germany’s net-zero policies and said right now we’re going to do oil gas and all sorts of fossil fuel energy because we need it now this is in our national security interest.

Just like that: Germany U-turns, and wants unfashionable energy like nuclear, coal, and gas Chancellor Olaf Scholz spelled out a more radical path to ensure Germany will be able to meet rising energy supply and diversify away from Russian gas, which accounts for half of Germany’s energy needs. “The events of the past few days have shown us that responsible, forward-looking energy policy is decisive not only for our economy and the environment. It is also decisive for our security,” Scholz told lawmakers.

So let’s hope that this [energy crisis] actually has a huge impact. I think it will be in the midterms. I think the  American people get it, but who knows the way things are going with the rapidity we’ve seen Joe Biden could be praising coal and gas and oil by the next State of the Union Address.



Watch: Morano on Gorka’s Newsmax TV show: The ‘green agenda is going to face a serious reckoning & could be in a fatal terminal drop’ to due skyrocketing energy prices

Morano: “Remember Joe Biden in the State of the Union actually said the line. We don’t want to defund the police. We want to fund the police essentially. And that’s going to upset the hard base. What’s happened is the narrative, that narrative changed because people realize the reality. It’s one thing for decades to give green, the Green New Deal and climate change lip service when there’s no real consequences — virtue signaling. But now they have woken the giant bear of the great middle in America and the middle, the voters in the center, realize that these actions this green virtue signaling has real consequences that you can’t hamper European domestic energy, American domestic energy and expect it to be no consequence.
We’re seeing it in higher energy prices. We’re seeing it in national security concerns when someone like Russia gets 40% of their federal budget. from oil and gas. And suddenly, their profits are going through the roof as Europe and the United States shut down. So I think this is a turning point. Much like defund the police is passe. I think that the whole green agenda is going to face a serious reckoning and could be in a fatal terminal drop.