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Watch: Marc Morano: ‘Green’ Agenda Financing Russian War Machine   by Alex Newman Alex Newman of TNA interviews Marc Morano of Morano discusses how “Green New Deal” policies in the U.S. and Europe have financed Russian aggression, and how European countries are now dependent on Russia for its energy needs due to their “net zero” policies. Morano also discusses the severe economic […]

Analysis: ‘Useless actions’ – ‘U.S. ban on importation of Russian petroleum would have little effect on global prices & Russian export earnings’   Observations on Banning vs. Sanctioning Russian Crude Oil By Benjamin Zycher Amid the ongoing debate in the U.S. about the wisdom of banning the importation of Russian petroleum, roughly 5-10 percent of total U.S. petroleum imports (crude oil and refined products), it is perhaps unsurprising that some basic principles are being forgotten, unfortunately a […]

Flashback 2021: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reveals stupidity of U.S. financial policy: Climate change poses ‘existential threat’ to financial markets

This insanity reveals U.S. climate policy sanctions on America! Flashback 2021: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen: Climate change poses ‘existential threat’ to financial markets- POLITICO — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) March 8, 2022 Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday called climate change “an existential threat” and the biggest emerging risk to the health of the […]

Democrats Apologize for Banner Comparing Climate Change to 9/11 BY JACK DUTTON  Two Democratic New York state senators have apologized for posing with a banner that compared the seriousness of climate change to the September 11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people in Lower Manhattan in 2001. Sens. Robert Jackson and Rachel May attended a climate change rally at the New York State Capitol in […]

NY Post features Climate Depot: Morano: ‘US climate sanctions on Americans have more impact than US sanctions against Russia’ Biden is waging a war on truckers and everyone will pay the price By Carrie Sheffield President Joe Biden rightly announced a ban on Russian energy imports Tuesday — though only after a bipartisan group in Congress twisted his arm. Biden had resisted the move, despite the purchases funding Vladimir Putin’s deadly Ukraine invasion, worried it […]

In-depth analysis debunks Biden admin blaming oil companies for not developing 9000 leases – Feds ‘spent over a year making it more difficult’ to drill & environmentalists ‘constantly sue to stop any development’

.@PressSec answers @JacquiHeinrich by blaming oil producers for not developing on 9,000 leases. We can't develop our leases if permits aren't approved (4,500 outstanding) & with myriad other delays the administration puts in the way of American producers. — Kathleen Sgamma (@Wallstmemesteam) March 3, 2022 Wrote this quick blog post last Friday for all […]

Tucker Carlson sums up Biden’s energy policy: ‘We are going to send billions of dollars to Saudi theocracy & then to Iranians…then to Venezuela…then give China complete control of U.S. power grid’

Tucker Carlson gives the best summation of Biden admin green policies:     Tucker: Biden’s response to the Russia-Ukraine war further proves he hates the middle class – Tucker Carlson details the consequences of banning Russian oil imports March 8, 2022 – Tucker Carlson Tonight – Fox News Channel Tucker Carlson excerpt: You may have […]