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Watch: Morano on Gorka’s Newsmax TV show: The ‘green agenda is going to face a serious reckoning & could be in a fatal terminal drop’ to due skyrocketing energy prices

Broadcast March 13, 2022 – Newsmax  TV – The Gorka Reality Check 
Morano: “Remember Joe Biden in the State of the Union actually said the line. We don’t want to defund the police. We want to fund the police essentially. And that’s going to upset the hard base. What’s happened is the narrative, that narrative changed because people realize the reality. It’s one thing for decades to give green, the Green New Deal and climate change lip service when there’s no real consequences — virtue signaling. But now they have woken the giant bear of the great middle in America and the middle, the voters in the center, realize that these actions this green virtue signaling has real consequences that you can’t hamper European domestic energy, American domestic energy and expect it to be no consequence.

We’re seeing it in higher energy prices. We’re seeing it in national security concerns when someone like Russia gets 40% of their federal budget. from oil and gas. And suddenly, their profits are going through the roof as Europe and the United States shut down. So I think this is a turning point. Much like defund the police is passe. I think that the whole green agenda is going to face a serious reckoning and could be in a fatal terminal drop.

Sebastian Gorka: Well, thanks for preparing the battlefield with your incredible work. Educate yourself guys. Check out and Marc’s latest book, Green Fraud. I’m Sebastian Gorka, and this is your Reality Check.