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Build Back Bolshevik: UK PM Boris Johnson abandons plans to ditch EU regulations due to net-zero rules

Boris Johnson seems to have scrapped Lord Frost’s plan to release the UK from EU red tape in order to support net-zero regulations, The Telegraph can disclose.

Westminster cut proposals for a post-Brexit bonfire of Brussels regulations and opened new divides between the Prime Minister and his backbenchers.

Lord Frost’s plan to cut two retained EU regulations for every one written was ditched.

It was believed not to comply with Mr Johnson’s goals to reduce Britain’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

Mr Johnson came under fire over net zero at a meeting of Conservative MPs on Monday night.

David Jones, a former Brexit minister, said moving away from deregulation was “deeply unconservative”.

He said: “There was quite a lot of concern hurled at the Prime Minister over the push to net zero and the impact that these green policies are having upon standards of living.

“The impression I get is that there’s going to be a very significant amount of churn in the establishment at Number 10 very, very shortly. I think there’s going to be a lot of bloodletting and I very much hope that we’ll see less of this stuff.

“But I think that that is worrying. We do want to deregulate, we are a deregulatory party, and we should always be that.”

The Government is planning to bring forward a “Brexit Freedoms” Bill to make it easier to amend outdated EU law, as part of a drive which it claims will “cut £1 billion of red tape” for UK businesses.

The Bill will affect the handling of retained EU law – Brussels-made regulations which were preserved in the UK statute book for legal continuity after the Brexit transition period ended in 2020.

The Government has previously made clear that it intends to eventually amend, replace or repeal all of the retained law that it deems “not right for the UK”.