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Claim: U.S. Interstate Highway System called ‘the biggest socialist project in American history’ – ‘If it had never been built…America’s transportation system would have developed much differently and in a more balanced way’ The Unseen Consequences of the Interstate Highway System by Jacob G. Hornberger I was recently on a road trip to Missouri where I saw a sign that indicated that I was on the famed Route 66, a U.S. highway that ran from Chicago to Los Angeles from the 1920s through the 1960s. Although I grew […]

Energy Is Now The Most Important Issue In The World BY AYAAN HIRSI ALI One issue more than any other will dominate airtime and influence policy in 2022: energy. Americans are seeing the highest prices at the pump in seven years. Since Biden took office, average gas prices are up by more than $1 a gallon. In November, gas prices in Mono County, California hit more than […]

Brad Pitt-Backed Green Housing Complex Is A Disaster; Residents Suing BY MADELINE DOVI The Make it Right Foundation, the Brad Pitt-backed non-profit that built more than 100 homes for New Orleans residents displaced in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, currently faces legal action due to structural defects, insect infestations, and other construction issues. At least six properties sit abandoned, and two were demolished just seven years […]

Activist Doctors’ Group Falsely Claims Climate Change Making Health Worse BY H. STERLING BURNETT A story run by Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) today claims climate change poses a threat to human health. Disease and mortality data show this is false. During the recent period of modest warming, deaths resulting from extreme heat and weather have declined sharply, and research indicates climate change is not contributing […]

Swiss president warns nation to prepare for electricity shortages lasting weeks or months According to Guy Parmelin, Switzerland’s president, it is possible the country could suffer electricity shortages for weeks or even months by 2025. Switzerland faces two principal challenges when it come to electricity. The first is that it doesn’t produce enough and must import electricity to satisfy demand. During winter around 20% of Switzerland’s electricity […]

Climate change saved over half a million people in England & Wales alone

Climate change saved over half a million people in England and Wales alone Nebelspalter, 1 February 2022 By Alex Reichmuth If climate change has saved half a million lives in England and Wales alone in the last two decades, it can be deduced that it must be many millions in temperate countries. British authorities estimate that […]

Europe’s Self-Made Energy Crisis: “European energy crisis is poised to go from very bad to unimaginably worse’ Net Zero Samizdat The world’s best climate & energy policy bulletin 1 February 2022 Europe’s Self-Made Energy Crisis 1) Europe’s Self-Made Energy Crisis Real Clear Energy, 31 January 2022 2) Announcement of upcoming speaking tour Francis Menton, Manhattan Contrarian, January 2022 3) Europe is closing down nuclear power just when it really needs energy Bloomberg, […]

Build Back Bolshevik: UK PM Boris Johnson abandons plans to ditch EU regulations due to net-zero rules Boris Johnson seems to have scrapped Lord Frost’s plan to release the UK from EU red tape in order to support net-zero regulations, The Telegraph can disclose. Westminster cut proposals for a post-Brexit bonfire of Brussels regulations and opened new divides between the Prime Minister and his backbenchers. Lord Frost’s plan to cut two […]

Warmist John Cook accurately called ‘climate misinformation expert’ – Claims ‘Climate Deniers Are Using These Four Major Scare Tactics To Stop Climate Action’ According to John Cook, research fellow at Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub in Australia, climate misinformation used to be more focused on undermining the science, but over time, the strategies have been moving more towards attacking solutions and creating fear, as well as leaning towards “cultural-war” type misinformation. “It’s about scaring people and ‘othering’ people […]

Merging of COVID & Climate: Study suggests ‘climate change could have played a direct role in the emergence of SARS-CoV-2’ – Links climate to growth in bat populations

Interesting–study links climate change to growth in bat populations that produce new coronaviruses — Bill McKibben (@billmckibben) January 16, 2022   "The fact that climate change can accelerate the transmission of wildlife pathogens to humans should be an urgent wake-up call to reduce global emissions,” said Mora, an associate prof. of geography in the College of Social Sciences" […]