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Say What?! PBS NewsHour puts sea level rise at 10 FEET in as few as 5 years worldwide

Special to Climate Depot

By Russell Cook

Melting of the Thwaites Glacier could rewrite the global coastline” Dec 15, 2021

William Brangham: ..  A warming atmosphere is creating serious problems in the Arctic Circle and on the continent of Antarctica. …  in Antarctica, a key ice shelf that sits in front of the Thwaites Glacier could break up much sooner than expectedwithin five years. Joining me now is David Holland. He studies atmospheric and ocean sciences at New York University …

David Holland: .. We have been seeing for the last couple of decades a large change in Antarctica and, in particular, on this one glacier called Thwaites in West Antarctica. .. It’s actually largely in the ocean. And the ocean can, in theory, easily melt it .. Warm ocean waters have arrived at this glacier, and they’re melting it like crazy. …

William Brangham: So, if that ice shelf were to break up, and Thwaites were to move into the ocean, what kind of impacts are we talking about?

David Holland: It would be absolutely massive, on the time scale of the last century, what we’d seen. We would see a dramatic rise of several feet of sea level. And it could be Thwaites itself perhaps two to three feet, but Thwaites is holding back its neighbors. And they, too, could fall apart, raising sea level by an additional maybe six feet, so, altogether, something of scale 10 feet. And if you try to wrap your head around that, we’re talking around the entire Earth, the entire ocean. It’s a massive amount of water. It’s a rewriting of the global coastline in that sense. …..

So, if you were wondering how James Hanson’s “swamping of the Manhattan West Side Freeway” prediction was going to happen within his ever-shortening deadline, there ya go.



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