Say What?! PBS NewsHour puts sea level rise at 10 FEET in as few as 5 years worldwide

Special to Climate Depot By Russell Cook “Melting of the Thwaites Glacier could rewrite the global coastline” Dec 15, 2021 William Brangham: ..  A warming atmosphere is creating serious problems in the Arctic Circle and on the continent of Antarctica. …  in Antarctica, a key ice shelf that sits in front of the Thwaites Glacier could break […]

Experts Refute Claims Linking Deadly Tornadoes to Climate Change By Nathan Worcester Experts have pushed back against claims that this weekend’s tragic tornadoes in Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee can be clearly linked to manmade climate change. In an exclusive interview with The Epoch Times, professor and climate economist Richard S.J. Tol of the University of Sussex explained why it is so difficult to connect weather […]

Why Virginia’s Governor-elect Youngkin is right to pull Virginia out of RGGI By Gabriella Hoffman “RGGI describes itself as a regional market for carbon, but it is really a carbon tax that is fully passed on to ratepayers. It’s a bad deal for Virginians. It’s a bad deal for Virginia businesses. I promised to lower the cost of living in Virginia and this is just the beginning.” — Virginia […]

Meteorologist: Polar sea ice trends are ‘an antidote to climate alarm’ London, 14 December – A new paper by an eminent meteorologist says that trends in polar sea-ice levels give little cause for alarm. The paper, by Professor J. Ray Bates has just been published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. According to Professor Bates, climate model simulations indicate significantly decreasing sea ice levels in […]

Complete Madness In The Biden Administration: Energy Policy By Francis Menton Is President Biden doing anything right? To this observer, his policies range from at best merely incompetent, to at worst malicious hatred of the country and people whose interests he was elected to advance. Somewhere in between those two extremes we have Biden’s energy policy. In this arena, appropriate adjectives would […]

New Research: CO2 Influence On Global Temperature Development Since 1860 Only Half As Large As IPCC Estimate! A remarkable publication on solar influence on climate goes unnoticed By Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Die kalte Sonne) (Text translated/edited by P. Gosselin) On November 3, 2021, the renowned scientific journal Climate published a paper on solar influence on climate. The paper by the renowned solar researcher Dr. Frank Stefani from the Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf […]

Biden signals Build Back Better bill may be delayed until 2022 U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday appeared to acknowledge that his Build Back Better spending bill may not pass Congress in the remaining weeks of this year. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer has set a Christmas deadline for passing the $1.75 trillion bill, but negotiations have slowed to a crawl. “I believe that we will bridge […]