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NYT Claims NE Brazil Is Turning Into Desert Even As Vegetation Surges BY JAMES TAYLOR The New York Times published an article Friday titled, “A Slow-Motion Climate Disaster: The Spread of Barren Land.” The article claims global warming is causing drought in northeastern Brazil, turning the region into a desert. Objective satellite measurements of vegetation, however, show increasing vegetation in northeast Brazil (pictured) and throughout Brazil as a whole, not the […]

Higher Energy Prices? That’s Biden’s Long-Term ‘Strategy’ BY JOAN SAMMON During a recent White House briefing, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was asked by a reporter how much oil is consumed on a daily basis in the U.S. She was outlining Biden’s strategy to release 50 million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Reserve. By adding to the national supply of oil, goes their thinking, […]

US Coal Stockpiles Hit Record Low – Morano on Biden policies: ‘Restricting energy supplies is bonkers if you care about human health & welfare’ By Nathan Worcester Nathan Worcester is an environmental reporter at The Epoch Times. December 7, 2021 Updated: December 7, 2021   U.S. coal stockpiles dipped to just 80 million tons in September, the lowest monthly total since the Energy Information Administration (EIA) began tracking such information in 2001. U.S. coal stocks fell 4.8 percent over the course of the […]

Recent European Droughts Are Not Unprecedented, New Study Finds BY DAVID WHITEHOUSE A new study concludes that when placed into a long-term context recent drought events in Europe are within the range of natural variability and are not unprecedented over the last millennium. The 2003 European heatwave and drought has a special place in the history of the study of our changing climate. It […]

Five Climate Change Myths Every Young Person Should Challenge BY RON BARMBY, Our governments instilled climate change fear into our kids by deliberately politicizing science in schools. Instead of teaching classical science that discovers what is, they’re being taught political beliefs that determined what should be done. Instead of graduating with facts established by the scientific method, our kids are learning myths established by activists.   […]

Global Warming Theory and the Tests It Fails 2021 by Ron Clutz The updating of this previous post is timely following on Dr. William Happer’s additional test of Global Warming Theory, the notion that rising CO2 causes dangerous warming of earth’s climate. A synopsis of that presentation is at Climate Change and CO2 Not a Problem.  For the purpose of this discussion I will […]

New York Times 1975 : ‘Major Cooling Widely Considered to Be Inevitable’ by Tony Heller “The world’s climate is changing. Of that scientists are firmly convinced. But in what direction and why are subjects of deepening debate. There are specialists who say that a new ice age is on the way—the inevitable consequence of a natural cyclic process, or as a result of man-made pollution of […]