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UN climate summit: Socialists and scoundrels emerge from hiding

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If there’s one thing that unites the UN climate conference in Glasgow, it is that everyone wants a piece of you.

Apparently what is troubling the Earth is that you are too free and live too well.  Plans to curtail your freedom and redistribute what you’ve worked for into more deserving pockets abound.  That none of this will meaningfully alter the temperature of the Earth doesn’t enter into it.

Everywhere CFACT goes in Glasgow we encounter utter shamelessness.

A UN climate conference is a place where a mega-movie star like Leonardo DiCaprio jets in to sit with an old-guard Socialist like UN Secretary General António Guterres to discuss new ways to bring you to heel.

A UN climate conference is a place where Al Gore pushes his “Green” investment company’s plans to grow rich from taxpayer subsidies, all the time donning an unearned mantle of virtue.  The WSJ once wrote that Gore has amassed a vast fortune without ever conferring value upon a customer.

A UN climate conference is also a place where Socialists feel free to emerge from the shadows to boldly attack free-market Capitalism, as if their failed ideology were not responsible for suffering throughout the 20th century on a never-before-imagined industrial scale.

Pete Murphy has served as an intrepid CFACT correspondent here in Glasgow and posted a roundup of much of what he saw in the UN “Green Zone” in Glasgow.  The Green Zone is the place where activists and NGOs let their hair down and showcase their propaganda.  Check out this collection of wacky posters Pete photographed.  They’d be funny if those behind them were not so dangerously, deadly in earnest.

There has been a major push at COP 26 to accelerate the war on coal, however, China has sidestepped all that, and continues to commission new coal plants at the rate of one a week.  That wind and solar are not up to the job of replacing electricity from coal somehow escapes most of those at the COP.  Nuclear remains the most efficient way to safely generate clean, emissions-free (if that’s your thing) electricity.  An alliance of blinkered Greens and vested energy interests refuses to budge from its way.

CFACT’s Marc Morano has been covering Swedish climate scold Greta Thunberg’s conclusion that COP 26 is a useless exercise in “blah, blah, blah” with glee.

However, consider the yet darker side of “blah, blah, blah.”  What Greta and the red brigades in Glasgow truly mean is that they do not value deliberative, democratic processes, individual choice, or national sovereignty.  They demand immediate destruction of the free-market economic prosperity and individual rights that have nurtured them from infancy — and replace them with what?

The Green-Left seldom reveals just what they would do with power should they get it.  For a hint we have to look at the pain they’ve wrought when they had the chance.  Look at great cities like Portland and Seattle in flames and disorder, or a jewel of a country like Venezuela plunged into starvation and despair if you are seeking present-day lessons in why not to put the Woke in charge.

Then there’s the entire sad history of Socialist destruction throughout the 20th century.

Pity Greta didn’t stay in school and learn about that.


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  • Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.