John Kerry told UN COP 26 that the United Nations can count on the $100 billion in funding they’ve been begging for and a whole lot more.

Kerry, who serves as President Biden’s “climate envoy,” said that “billions won’t cut it” and that a plan to spend trillions of dollars on “climate finance” will be announced on Wednesday.

This seems to be the Biden Administration’s “M.O.” Ignore debt, welcome inflation and spend, spend, spend.  The Left is working overtime to fundamentally shift economic life from free market capitalism to central government planning.  To update an old cliché: “a trillion here and a trillion there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.”

The bloviating from the podium continues at COP 26 with a concerted attack on methane.  Did you ever shop for a methane stove, furnace, water heater, or BBQ? No?  That’s because you know it better as natural gas, the odorless, invisible, clean-burning fuel with the blue flame found in abundance in the United States.  It is natural gas that allowed America to lead the world in emissions reductions (if that’s your thing).  Team climate started calling it by its chemical name “methane” to scare us with anti-science, chemistry-phobic bias.

CFACT’s Marc Morano has been broadcasting from Glasgow nonstop, yesterday telling OAN’s Stephanie Hamill live on the air that “if you actually cared about the climate, this isn’t the place you would go to solve it.  You would actually go to free market, wealth creation and prosperity and not the centralized plan the United Nations is proposing.”  Marc has been calling out climate hypocrites for jetting in on private jets to the COP and leading plush plutocratic lifestyles while demanding the rest of us tighten our far humbler belts.

I don’t know who is scarier, the wacky leftists running amok inside the COP and out, or the international elite meeting in the back rooms of the conference planning how next to control and fleece us.

President Biden’s feckless naivety continues to astound.  Biden used his last day at the COP to take China and Russia to task for not sending their heads of state to Glasgow, saying they made “a big mistake.” “The rest of the world is going to take a look at China and say, ‘what value have they provided?”’

If Kerry succeeds in conjuring up trillions of dollars in climate finance, whom does he think is waiting in the wings eager to supply the solar panels, wind turbines, batteries and rare earths it would take to build a new inefficient “renewable” energy infrastructure?

Try looking east, Mister President.

It’s not China who made the worst climate mistakes in Scotland.


  • Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.