Bozell: ‘Digital Brownshirts’ Attacking MRC Backed by China-Funding Leftist Org

The U.K.-based Center for Countering Digital Hate wants to censor organizations that disagree with it on climate policy. It released an absurd report attacking the Media Research Center and eight other conservative organizations in an attempt to shut them down online.

The leftist group behind the attack is led by a socialist who co-authored a book about “how to defeat” conservative ideas. The group promotes leftist eco-extremism, but behind all that are its deep ties to Communist China. The CCDH is funded by a leftist eco-group that financed a “greening” scheme for Communist China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

The propaganda report headlined “THE TOXIC TEN: How ten fringe publishers fuel 69% of digital climate change denial” includes three recommendations to censor the organizations the group doesn’t agree with. These include: “Stop monetizing” their content; stop allowing them to buy ads and it even wants social media firms to “comprehensively label” what it calls “climate denial.”

MRC founder and President L. Brent Bozell slammed the attack. “Digital brownshirts are attacking conservative organizations for daring to have an honest debate on climate policy. These anti-free speech bigots want to shut down anyone who dares to disagree with them. Calling for more biased fact-checks as a way of silencing scientific debate is insane. This is another typical left wing cancel culture attempt borne out of anti-conservative bigotry. Stop Big Tech Cancel Culture!”



The report also targeted eight other conservative organizations: The Daily Wire, Breitbart News, Washington Times, Townhall Media, Newsmax, The Federalist Papers, The Patriot Post and The Western Journal for daring to promote debate over the left’s approved climate change narrative. Specifically, it accused 10 outlets of being the “main producers of content that sows climate change skepticism on social media platforms, creating the sense that there is a more extensive debate than there really is.”

The CCDH is anything but impartial in the climate change debate. CCDH is funded by the Switzerland-based, left-wing Oak Foundation, which the Capital Research Center labeled as “The Left’s Green Giant.” CCDH was given at least $100,000 by Oak in 2020 alone, according to Foundation Directory Online data. The purpose of the grant was to allegedly help shine “a spotlight on digital misinformation platforms that are polluting the public discourse on issues such as climate action, women’s rights, and racial equality.” [Emphasis added.]