Bozell: ‘Digital Brownshirts’ Attacking MRC Backed by China-Funding Leftist Org By Joseph Vazquez The U.K.-based Center for Countering Digital Hate wants to censor organizations that disagree with it on climate policy. It released an absurd report attacking the Media Research Center and eight other conservative organizations in an attempt to shut them down online. The leftist group behind the attack is led by a […]

Wash Post falsely claims Morano is stating ‘disinformation’ about how climate activists ‘praised COVID lockdowns’ Breitbart has outsized influence over climate change denial on Facebook, report says Breitbart is the most influential producer of climate change denial posts on Facebook, according to a report released Tuesday that suggests a small number of publishers play an outsized role in creating content that undermines climate science. The far-right news and commentary […]

‘King Coal’ Roars Back! – U.S. Coal fired power increases 22% in 2021 as Natural Gas prices doubled – 1st increase in U.S. coal use since 2014

Jude Clemente: ‘King Coal’ Roars Back Forbes, 27 October 2021 Although the COP26 virtuous don’t want you to know it, rebounding economies and the ongoing global energy crisis have vaulted much-maligned coal to the top of the energy food chain, once again. President Biden’s energy-climate policies have apparently been more friendly to coal than those […]

China wants the world to pay for Net Zero as India demands $US1 trillion

China wants the world to pay for Net Zero as India demands $US1 trillion The Australian, 2 November 2021 India and China have called on advanced economies to provide up to $US1 trillion ($1.33 trillion) now for developing countries to reduce emissions, rejected 2050 net-zero targets and offered no firm commitments to phase out coal-fired power at […]