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Watch: Morano in rare climate debate vs. Biden surrogate on ‘Unfiltered With Dan Bongino’ on Fox News – Dems using ‘bad weather events to lobby for political goals’


Clip from segment -Broadcast September 4, 2021 – Fox News Channel – Unfilterered with Dan Bongino – Debated Biden surrogate speaker Kevin Walling

Rough Transcript:

Host Dan Bongino: “Let me let Marc Morano here. Marc, we’re doing data here, are our deaths increasing as a result of these storms and are storms more frequent?

Marc Morano: “Well first of all the big success story: Since 1920 we’ve had a 99% reduction in climate-related deaths that’s the big success story so what fossil fuels have done which the Biden administration wants to go after is taking an unsafe climate and made it safe for humanity by giving us infrastructure by giving us early warning by giving us the technology so we are much safer. See: The Collapse of Climate-Related Deaths: Deaths have ‘fallen over 90% since 1920’

Morano: And in terms of what Kevin [Walling] is saying absolutely not! Even the United Nations admits floods hurricanes tornadoes droughts wildfires either no trend or declining trends on climate time scales. NOAA says that hurricane landfalls are down since 1800 the busiest season busiest decade for hurricanes for major hurricanes was the 1940s so we have a hurricane that hit –Ida and it was okay it was a top 10 hurricane, but that’s hurricane season and the idea that all this other weather is caused by climate this is nothing short of lobbying using an extreme weather event a bad weather event to lobby for your political goals. They’ve weaponized the weather and that’s what the Biden administration is doing. It’s what Chuck Schumer is doing and it’s evidence-free because the more you look at the data there’s always records broken there’s always extreme weather everywhere on the planet that’s the norm nothing unusual now from a climate time scale is occurring. 

Bongino: “I agree. Kevin, I’m sorry I got to run guys thanks for joining me. Kevin, you’re just wrong you don’t have any data to back that up deaths have gone down, frequency’s gone down, I give that one to Marc. But thanks for thanks for joining us. Hey listen, science matters thank you we should try it sometimes. 



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