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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau hints at climate lockdowns: ‘What we learned from this climate–this uh – COVID crisis, we will be applying to the climate crisis’

Trudeau says lessons from COVID crisis will help with climate crisis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told supporters on Monday that the lessons learned throughout the COVID crisis would be helpful in tackling the climate crisis and the housing crisis.
“What we learned from this COVID crisis, we will be applying to the climate crisis, the housing crisis, to reconciliation, to making sure that everyone has good jobs and careers that carry them through and create good opportunity for their kids,” said Trudeau to a mixed crowd of supporters and protestors in Cambridge, Ontario.
“Climate change is the greatest long-term threat of our time, but it is also our greatest economic opportunity. We have the skilled workforce, innovative spirit, and natural resources at our fingertips to succeed, and our plan has created new jobs and growth across Canada,” the Liberals wrote in a statement.#Related Links:Watch: COVID lockdowns morphing into climate lockdowns – Morano on Tucker Carlson

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Flashback November 23, 2020: WMO Sec–Gen. Petteri Taalas: “The COVID-19 pandemic is not a solution for climate change. However, it does provide us with a platform for more sustained and ambitious climate action to reduce emissions to net zero through a complete transformation of our industrial, energy and transport systems.  The needed changes are economically affordable and technically possible and would affect our everyday life only marginally. It is to be welcomed that a growing number of countries and companies have committed themselves to carbon neutrality,” he said. “There is no time to lose.”