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Watch: Morano on Fox News Primetime: ‘The UN is saying unless we go Marxist, the climate is gonna get us!’- ‘Say Hell no, to the UN, to Green New Deal’

Fox News Channel – Fox News Primetime – Broadcast August 9, 2021

Host Lawrence Jones: Climate Depot publisher and author of Green Fraud Marc Morano. Marc, are we going wrong on this or the Liberals going wrong with the fear-mongering and not following the science that they say that we’re not following?

Marc Morano: Now here’s what’s happening. They’re following the bureaucratic science institutions, not the science. When you have to understand what all these Democratic politicians and all the climate activists are latching on to this UN report — the United Nations is a self-interested lobbying organization. If the UN fails to define CO2 as driving a climate crisis, it fails to be in charge of the solution, it fails to have annual conferences all over the globe.

So what they’ve done with this report. When current reality fails to alarm they’ve gone to extreme scenarios over 50% of the report is based on implausible, extreme model-based scenarios of doom, because they couldn’t find current reality to scare people. This is what people are latching on to — it’s a lobbying effort to get people to support a UN climate treaty, and the Green New Deal. You’re being conned if you’re falling for this UN report. 

Lawrence Jones: We’ll see. That’s it, you know, the American people are reasonable people, you know, I believe that GOD instructed us to be good stewards of the environment, to take care of the environment, do the right thing, but they’re not basing that on that. The logic is extreme. Let’s get rid of cows, no planes, although they could rot the plane. And America has to do all the work. Meanwhile, the UN and all the other nations, they get to live the way they want to.

Marc Morano: Yes, I mean, all these climate treaties, they’re going to affect that they’re talking about limiting flying for Americans when it’s only morally justifiable, they’re talking about getting rid of private car ownership getting rid of internal combustion engine. Do you think that’s going to affect Al Gore John Kerry Bill Gates? You have the quote up there about Al Gore warning and linking climate to COVID Well, the former UN chief actually said the only way we can meet the UN Paris Agreement is for the global economy to shut down, guess what, we did that, and we still didn’t meet the UN Paris agreement.

They want economic repression and degrowth. This is where we’re headed. And it’s just another, it’s like the mafia coming into its neighborhood and saying ‘I’d hate something bad to happen to you with that climate — if you pay us, we can protect you from the climate.’

The UN is saying unless we go Marxist, the climate is gonna get us. It’s time for us to say hell no, to the UN, to the Green New Deal and expose this corrupt science.

Lawrence Jones: Marc, I only have a few seconds with you, but my question is will it work? Because we just had a pandemic as you just correctly know that, and Americans caved because of fear and government was given a lot of control, scary control, and they don’t want to release that power so will Americans react the same way to that fear when it comes to the climate as well.

Marc Morano: Well they’ve tried for decades and they’ve failed to scare people. So what they did –the climate activists — they moved on to scaring children. Essentially kids are more gullible than adults. So we have this whole Youth Climate movement led by people like Greta Thornburg, who are now pushing for climate action suing governments. So yes, I think fear will work with young people, I don’t think it’ll work with old people. But what they’ve done now with the COVID model is, they can now implement the Green New Deal without a vote of Congress and that’s exactly what Joe Biden’s doing through executive orders, and through every agency, we can’t let it happen.


Here we go again: New UN ‘IPCC report is apocalyptic, catastrophic’ – ‘It’s really staring us in the face’ – Certain doom unless – we follow UN central planning dictates!