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‘Too much reliance on fossil fuels’: Aspen Colorado may ‘reimagine’ 4th of July festivities due to ‘environmental impacts’ – Seek ‘less carbon intensive’ parade

Independence Day in Aspen could be reimagined
Concerns of environmental impacts, crowds and noise have prompt


With a two-year hiatus from the traditional Fourth of July festivities including the parade and fireworks due to the pandemic and drought conditions, along with concern from elected officials about increased crowds, noise and environmental impacts, Independence Day in Aspen may look different in the future.

“A lot of locals leave during this time, because it’s been so commercialized, and it’s not the Aspen they know anymore,” said Ann Mullins, a former Aspen City Councilwoman who serves on a committee re-examining July 4 events and celebrations next year and beyond.

The idea was born from a letter to the editor penned by Soldner last winter, asking city officials to consider a more environmental Fourth of July.

“There has been some concern from Aspen City Council and members of the community that there is too much reliance on fossil fuels for the parade (vehicle powered floats for instance) and there is an opportunity to reignite the event in a more environmentally friendly, less carbon intensive manner.



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