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Biden: It Is ‘Rational Speculation’ To Suggest ‘Global Warming’ Caused Building Collapse During a press conference on Thursday, President Biden said suggestions that “global warming” caused the building collapse in Miami, Florida, are “rational speculation.” “We don’t have any firm proof of what’s happened,” Biden said. “There are all kinds of rational speculation about whether or not rebars are, were, were rusted, whether or not […]

Gas bills ‘will rise by $235 a year & cost of running a petrol car by $138 under new Government plans to cut carbon emissions’ Gas and car bills could soar by hundreds of pounds a year in green revolution  Carbon reduction scheme could increase cost of running car by £100 a year Boris Johnson’s radical new scheme could be launched as early as next year By JACK WRIGHT FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 20:22 EDT, 1 July 2021 | UPDATED: 23:39 EDT, 1 July 2021 […]

‘Too much reliance on fossil fuels’: Aspen Colorado may ‘reimagine’ 4th of July festivities due to ‘environmental impacts’ – Seek ‘less carbon intensive’ parade Independence Day in Aspen could be reimagined Concerns of environmental impacts, crowds and noise have prompt By Carolyn Sackariason   [email protected] With a two-year hiatus from the traditional Fourth of July festivities including the parade and fireworks due to the pandemic and drought conditions, along with concern from elected officials about increased crowds, noise and […]

Bloomberg News: ‘Just a few years ago, obituaries were being written for the motor car…’Now used car prices are going through the roof…while public transit route inquiries have plunged’

Via: In The Pipeline People enjoy the freedom of their own car, big shocker… Bloomberg (7/2/21) reports: “Cars are having a moment almost as improbable as the stunts in the “Fast and the Furious” movies that celebrate them. Just a few years ago, obituaries were being written for the motor car — Millennials and Gen-Zers, so […]

Listen: Morano discusses Great Reset, climate lockdowns & why Naomi Wolf & RFK Jr. are his new political heroes on the Richie Allen Show Marc Morano is an author and the founder of Marc tells Richie that climate change evangelicals are jealous of covid-19 lockdowns and are now planning to convince governments to use them to reduce our carbon footprint. Marc explains why this could be devastating for the future of humanity. Marc also chats about […]

Censuring China Would Help The Earth and the Environment Far More Than Banning Steak, Gasoline, And Cow Flatulence Censuring China Would Help The Earth and the Environment Far More Than Banning Steak, Gasoline, And Cow FlatulenceKeyword: globalwarming / by The Federalist / 3dBashing America is popular on the radical left, but it betrays just how much they really don’t know about the rest of the world. For leftists concerned about the environment, […]

California: Try not to recharge your electric cars, folks By Jazz Shaw California is on track to ban the sale of non-electric vehicles in an effort to “go green” as fast as possible. They’re even banning the construction of new gas stations in the next decade. But a slight hitch may have shown up in that plan, caused by a stretch of […]

Outrage after CNN, Granholm suggest climate change could have role in Surfside building collapse: ‘Ghoulish’ CNN and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm were ripped by viewers on Tuesday for suggesting that climate change could have been a factor in the tragic building collapse in Surfside, Florida. At least 11 people were killed and over 150 are missing in the aftermath of the collapse of the Surfside beachfront condo. Recent reports have revealed there […]

Exxon lobbyists tricked into admitting Exxon only supports a carbon tax because it’ll never pass Exxon Disavows Remarks After Video Shows Lobbyists Dismissing Company’s Climate Stance CEO says comments from lobbyists, including that Exxon only supports a carbon tax because it is unlikely to pass, don’t reflect the company’s positions By Christopher M. Matthews Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM 0.29% Chief Executive Darren Woods apologized and disavowed statements made by two of the company’s […]

Time Magazine: How to fix the ‘air conditioning problem’ – ‘Terrible for Planet’ – Promotes ‘public cooling centers’ – ‘Re-orient ourselves to meaning of air-conditioning’ By JAZZ SHAW Here’s a subject that’s on the minds of a lot of Americans this month, particularly up in the pacific northwest. With temperatures breaking records, people have been scrambling to get air conditioning. People who have never needed it suddenly want it and people who have it want more of it. […]