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Watch: A scared Bill Nye testifies to Congress: ‘Climate change is frightening’ – Claims skeptics ‘especially’ are ‘scared’ – People ‘thinking twice about bringing kids into a world that’s on fire’

Bill Nye to testify to Homeland security committee at Congress about climate: ‘We’ve gotten this far burning fossil fuels, but we just can’t do it anymore’ – ‘We have to stop’ – ‘The less drilling we do, the better’

Watch below: Nye begins at 29:30:

Full Testimony to here:

OFFICIAL TESTIMONY of Bill Nye More Than One Problem at a Time For a Hearing on “Examining Climate Change: A Threat to the Homeland”
Before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery of the Committee on Homeland Security
Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Excerpt: Climate change is frightening. The effects and changes are so big and coming so fast that many of us are in denial about the consequences. I’ve come to believe that climate change contrarians especially are just scared. So am I. You’ve probably read recent reports concerning decreasing birth rates worldwide. Ask around. Women and men everywhere are thinking twice about bringing kids into a world that’s on fire. It’s time to take action now.

By comparing Earth’s atmosphere with those of Mars and Venus, we have come to understand the importance of carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect. Per predictions by researchers at Exxon going back at least to that same 1977, greenhouse gasses are inducing climate change here on Earth, and it is happening now on larger and larger scales: bigger storms, more floods, more droughts, more fires, more loss of shoreline, and more businesses and people  displaced as the ocean swells. Therefore, the sooner we stop adding greenhouses gases to our air, the better off we have a chance of being. If we don’t stop, more of these events will happen; more of them will happen at the same time, and that will increase the likelihood of convergent problems. Ask any Martian or Venusian.




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