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Watch: Morano on Fox News slams Bill Nye for wanting skeptics dead: Older people are ‘less susceptible to Nye’s propaganda’


Fox Business Channel – Broadcast July 21, 2017 – ‘Risk & Reward’ program – Marc Morano interviewed by Elizabeth MacDonald

(Fox website video of segment here)


MacDONALD: “Bill Nye calls himself the science guy. He’s a mechanical engineer. He now says people who deny climate change, he says they are usually older generations. He says they need to die out before climate science can advance? We’ve got the full comment. … A new study says our best bet to cutting climate change, have less kids. My next guest says climate scientists have more interest in controlling humans than the climate. He is Marc Morano. He joins us next.”

MacDONALD: “Bill Nye, he calls himself the science guy. He’s actually a mechanical engineer. He’s taking aim at climate change skeptics in a recent interview. With me the found are of climate, Marc Morano. Good to see you. People who disagree with you should just die?”

MORANO: “He went from actually last year he was Bill Nye the jail, the skeptics guy, he agreed with Robert F. Kennedy who skeptics should go to jail for blocking action on climate change, and now Nye has upped the ante, saying we should all die in order to advance the global warming agenda. I love the way he says I can guarantee you that they will die. He’s guaranteeing everyone is going to die at some point. That’s the science of Bill Nye. This is in line with the debate of intimidation and science, and Bill Nye is the leader of that now, unfortunately, and a big influence with young minds and that’s why he’s so confident he can convert the young people to climate action but he is having trouble with anyone his age and older because frankly they’re wiser and they have experienced a lot, so they are less susceptible to his propaganda.”

MacDONALD: “So no room for debate, shows how science can be a religion, kill the heretics. Bill Nye is not a scientist, he’s made controversial remarks suggesting that developed countries should penalize, tax people that have too many children. That’s going too far, right?”

MORANO: “Yeah, in fact, goes to the whole line, there’s a new study out saying we should have less kids. Bill Nye had the guy on his show saying we should save our kids by not having them, essentially. Kids are causing more climate change, which doesn’t make sense. Bill Nye is promoting that, but there are studies in the climate change world that say more global warming will put people less in the mood and therefore result in less kids. (See: Climate Change Kills the Mood: Economists Warn of Less Sex on a Warmer Planet) They want to control our cars, lightbulbs, energy, transportation and now want to control family size, and if you disagree, they want you in jail or going to wait for you to die to impose this on society. It’s not really science anymore. This is an agenda and it’s about, as we opened the saying, about controlling humans.” (see: Sierra Club: ‘Childbearing [should be] a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license’)

MacDONALD: “Controlling and you know what? It’s about the poor are nations in the planet. Underdeveloped nations who are not using energy and don’t have developed societies and there’s a lack of faith in the way that the free market and companies are reducing the carbon footprint by reducing gases, right?”

MORANO: “Right. I have a movie called climate hustle. We feature Al gore talking about the developing world saying we need fertility management, and went onto lament about how Africa and developing countries have a population explosion. This is the issue, they’re going after the most poor and vulnerable, denying them life saving, carbon based energy and they are trying to social engineer one billion people who don’t have running water and electricity. There’s something to be said here, if this is a scientific debate, have a debate, if it’s a policy debate, fine, let’s have a debate. Let’s stop threatening to put people jail, stop threatening that anyone in opposition is going to die, and that they will win. This is not a healthy debate. The head of the U.N. Climate panel said, ‘global warming is my religion.’ If you understand, that that’s the way they’re acting here.”

MacDONALD: “Marc Morano, good to see you. We love having you on. Come back soon.”

MORANO: “Thank you, appreciate it.


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