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Watch: Morano on Rebel TV talks banning meat, eating insects & Al Gore’s quest to be world first fake meat billionaire

By Rebel News

It wasn’t all that long ago that Beyond Meat burgers were a trendy new addition to many fast food chains. Former U.S. vice president Al Gore had invested heavily in the company, hoping to become the world’s first fake meat billionaire. The United Nations helped make that a possibility, releasing a report saying that cow emissions were more deadly than that from all vehicles combined.

And then reality kicked in, and even CNN criticized the product as being more unhealthy than a lean, meat-based burger.

On yesterday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies was joined by Climate Depot’s Marc Morano to talk about the failure of the Beyond Meat burger, and some of the misinformation that surrounds the production of meat.

Marc told David that if you’re near any kind of production of energy — be it solar, hydro, wind, coal, or even nuclear — typically there’s some sort of disruption to your life. But when it comes to a methane released from cattle farming:

They’re basing this on ending meat and they’re pushing insects… They’re pushing it all on ending methane and they’re trying to say that methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and this is really deadly and the methane explosion from cows burping and farting etc.

The problem is — and I have this in my book Green Fraud, my new book out — if you go into it and talk to the scientists and look at the peer reviewed literature, methane is called the irrelevant greenhouse gas. It is not going to cause any significant warming. It has already essentially petered itself out as a warming [agent], so all of these are just scary predictions based on bad science…

This based not on science of fear on climate, it’s based on an imposition on trying to change our lifestyles.

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