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Global temps cool in 2021! Media frets: This ‘could sap some of the sense of urgency among policymakers in U.S. & abroad’

Global temperatures are cooler in 2021 than other recent years – Media frets: "The lack of a new warmest year record in 2021 could sap some of the sense of urgency among policymakers in the U.S. and abroad…" – Axios — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) May 11, 2021 Global temperatures are cooler […]

CAUGHT: ‘Inconvenient’ U.S. Wildfire Data Has Been ‘Disappeared’ by National Interagency Fire Center By Anthony Watts It’s been an open secret, ever since Dr. Michael Mann used “Mike’s Nature Trick” to “hide the decline” by covering up some inconvenient tree ring data in the hockey stick climate graph, that climate alarmists will go to almost any length to only show the public the “crisis side” of climate data. […]

Watch: Morano talks the wacky world of climate in 38 min. Heartland climate summit preview

  The Heartland Institute In our second in this series of previews of Heartland’s 14th International Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas in October (, Climate Depot’s Marc Morano joined us for a live-stream on May 11 for a sneak peek of his planned presentation. Morano talked about his new book, “Green Fraud: Why […]

The Real Reason Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Google Want You to Eat Fake ‘Meat’ – ‘Have a big financial interest in getting you to switch to a diet of 100% synthetic beef’ By Dr. Joseph Mercola Story at-a-glance: Bill Gates, who co-funded the startup of the imitation meat company Impossible Foods, now insists synthetic beef is a necessary strategy to address climate change. Gates wants Americans and other Western nations to switch to a diet of 100% synthetic beef. Coincidentally, Oregon is now proposing a ballot initiative […]

Watch: Morano on Rebel TV talks banning meat, eating insects & Al Gore’s quest to be world first fake meat billionaire By Rebel News It wasn’t all that long ago that Beyond Meat burgers were a trendy new addition to many fast food chains. Former U.S. vice president Al Gore had invested heavily in the company, hoping to become the world’s first fake meat billionaire. The United Nations helped make that a possibility, releasing a report saying that […]