Why is Biden energy sec. smiling!? Skyrocketing energy prices are all part of the ‘Green Fraud’ – Welcome Back, (Jimmy) Carter -2021: ‘Maybe Pipeline Terrorists Are Just Environmentalists’ – 2013: ‘We will dismantle the Pipeline…by any means necessary’

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Energy Sec Granholm can’t suppress her smiles over gasoline shortages – Claims ‘supply crunch’ NOT ‘shortage’


Thomas Lifson: “Don’t you realize it’s good for you to learn to get along without fossil fuels? Did you realize that if you drive an electric car, this wouldn’t be a problem? Watch as a reporter’s question on whether the shutdown would ‘speed up’ the transition to green energy yields utterly inappropriate (and chilling, if you think about it) smiles from Granholm…Sacrifices are going to have to be made, and it’s the little people who must make them. Don’t expect Granholm to take the bus to work or swear off private jets..And don’t call what’s going on a ‘gasoline shortage’! That’s too reminiscent of Jimmy Carter. Call it a ‘supply crunch’! She’s got her glasses on to show how concerned and well informed she is, but the smiles still sneak through.”

John Holdren lamented the masses driving to the store to get beer in 1975! Holdren: “In a society that uses its 5,000-pound automobiles for half-mile round trips to the market to fetch a six-pack of beer, consumes the beer in buildings that are overcooled in summer and overheated in winter, and then throws the aluminum cans away at an energy loss equivalent to a third of a gallon of gasoline per six-pack, this ‘primitive existence’ argument strikes me as the most offensive kind of nonsense.”