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‘Maybe the Pipeline Terrorists Are Just Environmentalists’ – Flashback: ‘We will dismantle the Pipeline…by any means necessary’



Via National Review:

By KYLE SMITH – KYLE SMITH is a fellow at National Review Institute and National Review’s critic-at-large. @rkylesmith

Presidents never get to choose events, and you can always count on their dreams of spending four years signing bills and doing other fun stuff being shattered as they instead spend unexpectedly large portions of their time running around with their hair on fire trying to manage various unexpected crises. Weirdly enough, Donald Trump’s presidency was just about crisis-free, for the first three years anyway. “President says something” isn’t an actual crisis, just a pretend one.

If Joe Biden doesn’t get out in front of the Colonial pipeline cyberattack that has shut down a major fuel pipeline for two days and is beginning to cause panic in some areas of the Southeast, it’s going to hurt him badly. People tend to closely tie the situation at the gas pump with the man sitting in the Oval Office. And guess what? In Biden’s case that is perfectly reasonable after his spokesperson blandly dismissed concerns about the ransom attack on a critical portion of U.S. infrastructure as merely a private matter for one business to hash out with their, I dunno, military and intelligence arms, I guess. You’re on your own, fellas! Good luck. Now Team Biden, the media report with uncharacteristic alarm, is “scrambling” to look like they’re doing something. Joe should ask his close pal Jimmy Carter how spending four years in perpetual scrambling mode worked out.

Here’s a little hunk of “whoa, things are getting bad”:

On Tuesday morning, more than 7 percent of gas stations in Virginia, 5 percent in North Carolina and nearly 4 percent in Georgia were without fuel, according to Patrick De Haan, an oil analyst at Gas Buddy. A number of stations in Florida, Alabama and South Carolina also reported dry pumps. De Haan said fuel demand in these states spiked 40 percent on Monday, and cautioned against panic-buying, which will only exacerbate the shortages.

If Biden himself were not on record as being himself a fan of shutting down fuel pipelines — Keystone XL not only was a menace to our American way of life by bringing us energy, Biden thought it had to be cut off before his first afternoon nap — this brewing crisis wouldn’t be so potentially damaging to him. Biden is an ardently pro-fuel-limits guy in a moment when fuel is limited. As one of his other first acts in office — “Let’s own Trump by endangering our energy future” — he also banned new fracking leases on federal land. Maybe it would be nice to have more energy supply rather than less given what’s happened since? Prices are already ticking up at the pump. The media can hide Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling and downplay Joe Biden’s lying, but they can’t hide gas prices.