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Energy Sec Granholm can’t suppress her smiles over gasoline shortages – Claims ‘supply crunch’ NOT ‘shortage’

Jennifer Granholm sure doesn’t look too upset over the impact of the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline on gasoline and other energy supplies. The national security issues? Fuhgeddaboudit. Don’t you realize it’s good for you to learn to get along without fossil fuels? Did you realize that if you drive an electric car, this wouldn’t be a problem?

Watch as a reporter’s question on whether the shutdown would “speed up” the transition to green energy yields utterly` inappropriate (and chilling, if you think about it) smiles from Granholm:

Twitter video screengrab

Sacrifices are going to have to be made, and it’s the little people who must make them. Don’t expect Granholm to take the bus to work or swear off private jets.

And don’t call what’s going on a “gasoline shortage”! That’s too reminiscent of Jimmy Carter. Call it a “supply crunch”! She’s got her glasses on to show how concerned and well informed she is, but the smiles still sneak through:

Twitter video screengrab

The New York Times is doing everything it can to minimize the political fallout for Biden of this fiasco. Even going full Orwell and denying the reality of gasoline shortages supply crunches:

If you follow the link on this tweet, you’ll observe that the Times edited out this embarrassing counterfactual bit of propaganda from the story (without acknowledging the change). They certainly have nothing to fear from the Twitter “fact checkers.”