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Dr. Caleb Rossiter reviews Green Fraud: ‘Readable & humorous — but scientifically solidly-founded’ – Morano ‘a witty popularizer, with an elephant’s long memory for all the ridiculous claims’

The Climate Lie and Energy Imperialism

By Caleb Rossiter

How to save the planet – and its people: Quick, send a copy of Marc Morano’s new book to a friend, before the illiberals ban it!

(A brief and laudatory review by AMEP director Caleb Stewart Rossiter of Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal is Even Worse Than You Think, by Climate Depot impresario Marc Morano)

From Uganda and Mali in Africa to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, we give our friendly dictators — our bastards, as FDR called them – the weapons and covert help they need to stay in power. In return, these thugs provide the bases and cooperation our troops and spies need in what the Pentagon calls “the long war” for global domination. 

Environmental issues seem like small potatoes for Americans who believe that we should not be oppressing people who want to enjoy the very freedoms we demand for ourselves. Shouldn’t we be focusing on saving people, rather than trees? … The quasi-religious dogma that there is a fossil-fueled environmental crisis is a lie that is so brazen, so bald-faced, so illogical, and so easily disprovable that is hardly worth the words it takes to explain why. 

Throughout the 40 years that the Democratic Party and its Pravda press have been promoting this eco-religious narrative, the actual data (as opposed to the cooked computer models) have continued to show no statistically significant increases in dangerous weather variables like the rate of sea-level rise — despite soaring emissions of the mild warming gas (and powerful tree and crop fertilizer) carbon dioxide, a non-toxic by-product of fossil fuels. 

As a statistics professor, I’ve taught students for decades how to assess studies that make wild predictions that never seem to come true. After the first dozen studies, it’s pretty boring and predictable stuff.

However, as Marc Morano makes clear in his readable and humorous — but scientifically solidly-founded — Green Fraud, it is clear now that the failure of the predicted climate crisis to emerge hasn’t stopped the Democratic Party from promoting the same solution in search of a problem that eco-fanatics were pushing long before they latched onto climate change: ban the fossil fuels that provide the affordable, reliable energy that has helped people in the developed countries become wealthy, healthy, and long-lived. Energy prices are going up and reliability is going down in America, for no good reason but obeisance to the narrative.

Morano also explains how the United States and the former colonial powers are successfully blocking poor countries from providing their people with what they need and want in the energy field. To be specific, the rich developed countries have written international trade and finance rules that keep Africa and Latin America from getting loans for energy infrastructure, and also impose “carbon taxes” on their exports. 

Then they blackmail the poor countries into compliance with the Green New Deal, which the World Health Organization estimates leads to hundreds of thousands of annual deaths from indoor air pollution, since the poor have to keep heating and cooking in their homes with wood and animal dung. And in Africa even more die, especially children, because of the demand for minerals to feed the subsidized electric cars and solar panels and batteries of the West. 

Sure sounds like imperialism to me. The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), the organization that sponsors Morano’s climate and energy website, Climate Depot, recently published a review of the ways that Africa is resisting such energy and climate madness.

So what can we do? I suggest we start by each sending a copy of Morano’s new takedown of the Green New Deal to one of our friends. It doesn’t matter if they are illiberal, liberal, conservative, or politically at-large. 

What good would that do? It’ll make them laugh, no matter what their politics. And humor, Morano’s stock in trade, is so much more effective in engaging the average reader than citing ponderous studies. Morano has done the distilling of facts into humor for us, relying on the two decades he has spent in voracious reading and friendly debating. Like he says, he’s not a scientist, but he sure plays one on TV…extremely well! He’s a thoughtful, witty popularizer, with an elephant’s long memory for all the ridiculous claims (CO2-driven climate change causes wars, floods, wife-beating, crop failures, schizophrenia, etc.) that didn’t come true.  

For 30 years in and around Congress as a staffer and then a lobbyist, I mostly worked with Democrats, and even ran for Congress once, for that party. So why am I so enamored of an arch-Republican, who staffed both Senator James Inhofe and Rush Limbaugh and made his bones as the man who Swift-boated my anti-war hero, John Kerry?

Well, politics makes strange bedfellows, and anti-imperialist politics are like any other. In his encyclopedic work debunking climate alarm and energy madness, Marc Morano has discovered and highlighted a new form of imperialism that is every bit as damaging to the freedom, opportunity, health, and life expectancy of the formerly colonized countries as our backing of their friendly dictators. 

Friend and foe alike acknowledge that Morano is the most potent force standing like Horatius on the bridge, protecting our future. Behind him are our sources of cheap energy, which drive our health, wealth, longevity, and personal freedom. Before him is the woke, elite mob baying for a Green New Deal. Every day, for nearly two decades now, Morano has played checkers and chess against the mob. By checkers I mean his short-term work of going on conservative media daily to affirm with brief quips, jokes, and facts to the audience in fly-over America that their skeptical instincts about experts and politicians who call our energy sources a threat to the planet’s survival are fundamentally on target. By chess I mean his long-term projects, like movies and books, that make the case in more detail but with no less humor and pith.

Very few Americans actually try, let alone succeed, in learning the main concepts involved in the “climate change” debate. (I put that phrase in quotation marks to indicate that it has taken on a specific meaning of late. It refers not to natural changes in our global system of long-term weather, but rather to the summation of unverified, often unverifiable, and even disproven claims from a very, very large set of scientific and economic fields into a single narrative: the large-scale emissions of carbon dioxide that result of modern economic activity are destroying life on our planet.)

I should stress that anyone – me, Morano, even polymaths like physicist William Happer and former Greenpeace leader and ecologist Patrick Moore, or the anti-Moranos like Bill McKibben, Al Gore, and physicist Jim Hansen — who brings some intelligence and logic to the debate is, of necessity, an amateur of some degree. 

That’s because climate change is really the science of everything, so nobody can claim an overall expertise in “climate science.” Atmospheric physics, ocean physics, agronomy, biology, mathematical modelling, geology, statistics, oceanographer, economist, engineer — the list of specialties involved in each of hundreds of subfields of these fields, each requiring a lifetime of study, is literally endless. 

Morano not only masters the outlines of the various debates not only on the science, but also on the equally important economics and engineering issues relating to “renewables” – which he points out are anything but.

Enjoy this book! I did.


* * *