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Astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon reviews Green Fraud:’ The quintessential book on the massive frauds created by fake news & 3rd-rate science about CO2 ending humanity’

By Dr. Willie Soon

Marc Morano, a highly intelligent and fearless warrior, indeed the one that had absorbed the most bullets and bombs with a smiles bigger than Cheshire Cat’s devious grins (he even has a page or two listing all the “medals of honors” he has received!), has just written the quintessential book on the massive frauds created by the fake news and third-rate science about carbon dioxide ending humanity and Earth ecosystem as we know it. If you truly want to understand the minimally five-decades long history of this long-running scam of flipping CO2 from the gas of life to the satanic gas, you must read this book.

Again, why should we be apologetic with those that wish to destroy us and our lifestyles as well as this beautiful land called America? Marc’s Green Fraud explains it all. Please buy as many copies as you can afford and help spread this book in the libraries and schools everywhere, but first start with those in
your family first. Apparently, Christmas has arrived earlier this year because of the errors in the computer climate models. What difference does it make by switching March and December in the computer games the cronies are playing with our taxed money?




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