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Mathis reviews ‘Green Fraud’: ‘The book slices open the fraud that has infected science, politics, & media’ – ‘Exposes the evildoers using their own words against them’

By Mark Mathis –

President – Clear Energy Alliance –

Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2021

Marc Morano told me the Green New Deal was going to be a dominant topic of discussion on Capitol Hill and that it would be used as a weapon to revolutionize how we live. That was in late 2018, not long after the string-pullers behind AOC trotted her out to promote the disastrous Green New Deal. I thought Marc was overestimating the potential influence of AOC and the cowardice and/or malevolence of the political and media classes. Wow! Let me publicly acknowledge Marc Morano was 100 percent correct long before the GND insanity became a thing.
As someone who has been deeply involved in the study/analysis of energy, climate, media, and human behavior for more than twenty years, I can tell you this book slices open the fraud that has infected science, politics, and media. The cancerous rot is exposed on every page. I’ve read all of the books Marc cites in Green Fraud – books by Michael Shellenberger, Robert Bryce, Alex Epstein, Bjorn Lomborg, Steve Milloy, Patrick Moore, Paul Driessen, Roy Spencer, and many others. I’ve seen Michael Moore’s film, “Planet of the Humans” (absolutely brilliant in exposing the lies and fraud supporting industrial wind and solar). And I’ve read the works of other great thinkers such as Mark Mills of the Manhattan Institute. It’s all in Marc’s book. In Green Fraud, Morano extracts from these authors/experts the most salient points made in their areas of expertise. In the end, Morano makes an ironclad case against the fraud being forced upon us.

The most disturbing part of Marc’s book is where he describes the hard left’s tactic of linking hysteria about climate change to COVID-19. The virus (and subsequent overreaction) gave the fossil fuel and freedom haters a template to follow. Everything they wanted to achieve in limiting your use of energy and freedom was achieved by the virus response. Even worse, the control freaks are now connecting everything climate to race relations and identity politics, making all three issues more toxic.

Surely, you’ve noticed how the Democratic party and the mainstream press are determined to keep America (and indeed the world) in a constant state of fear because of “crisis!” It’s not reality. It’s political and ideological strategy. As a 30-year veteran of identifying and dissecting the tactics of DC swamp creatures and their enablers in the mainstream media, Morano exposes the evildoers using their own words against them. If you’ve been paying attention, you know a lot of the zealots pushing climate hysteria are unhinged, but when you read what these people have said out loud one after another in the pages of Green Fraud, it’s astonishing, and extremely unsettling.

Reading this book is like being able to read the CliffsNotes on the intersection of climate, energy, political deception, scientific fraud, and journalistic malfeasance.