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Watch: Morano on Fox and Friends on Biden’s climate summit: ‘China could not be happier’


Fox and Friends – Fox News Channel – Broadcast April 23, 2021

Brian Kilmeade interviews Marc Morano


Brian Kilmeade: “Here with more is Marc Morano publisher of and author of Green Fraud. Mark What stands out for you from yesterday’s announcement?

Marc Morano: It was double Obama’s commitments which were ridiculous at the time and of course just symbolic commitments. I think what stands out yesterday is John Kerry now changing the goalposts once again saying, not only do we have to do massive reductions in CO2 to get to net zero. But now we’ve got to start taking it out of the atmosphere and sucking it out of the atmosphere, with different technologies. We’ve already seen them talking about dimming the sun to block it, you know, to try to cool the Earth. So we’re now getting into beyond economic pain and setting shutting down more of American society, getting into geoengineering of our climate which is also scary.

Brian Kilmeade: Right it’s scary stuff too. Here’s an example of how it’s gonna affect your lifestyle for example it’s going to cut 90% of red meat out of a diet that’s four pounds a year so that’s once every six months, I switch to an all-electric car, as well as a house by the way, approximately $50,000 costs is still new electric key pumps to heat your home and don’t expect to have a gas oven, hope you don’t get gotten too attached to it. That’s going to cost you probably $5,700 They want to double the US wants to double its share of carbon-free power from 80% to 40%, half of which is now provided by nuclear but we got to get rid of nuclear too, right, and hope to have to achieve Biden’s pledge. And what is this all going to mean?

Marc Morano: It’s all going to mean literally all pain for zero gain to the climate. There’s no criteria by which they say, Okay, we’ve now done this, we’re going to expect less bad hurricanes, less tornadoes, that’s not even on the table. In fact, in 2015, John Kerry and many of the same people with Biden administration declared victory after the UN Paris climate pact was signed and they said this was an unparalleled moment that we’ve solved the climate crisis. This never ends. This is the starting point for literally a remaking of American society for absolutely no benefit and what I mean by that is it’s going to be more reliance on Chinese energy, Chinese mining we’re going to offshore emissions. And all we’re going to do is impoverish Americans and that’s what, that’s really what the climate agenda is about it’s not going to change the climate at the end of this, that we’re not going to have a better climate, there’s no, there are no criteria to measure that there’s just going to be more climate measures and mandates coming down the line more.

Brian Kilmeade: The main reason why our emissions are down one the pandemic number two, natural gas, and he’s allowing fracking really to expand. He also says wind and solar energy would have to increase 6.6 fold, and we have to get rid of all coal plants. Did anyone tell China that because they admitted yesterday, they’re busy building them as fast as they can.

Marc Morano: China could not be happier with what’s happening right now, China’s building about on average one coal plant a week there was a report out the China’s building more coal plants than any country’s combined. At the same time, 80 plus percent of the energy comes from fossil fuels, less than 4% come from solar and wind combined. So somehow the solar and wind combined, less than 4% is going to expand radically in some magical formula in the next decade and Joe Biden’s plan. This is magical thinking this is why you had Extinction Rebellion the climate activists on the progressive side dumped the cow manure all over over because they call it what it is. It’s rare when climate skeptics and radical climate activists can get together but we agree this is climate bull bleep that and then maneuver was a very fitting symbol.

And by the way, had a conservative group maneuver at the White House with Joe Biden, we’ve been investigated by the FBI and be in jail right now but somehow the progressives got away with dumping manure on the street in front of the White House.

Brian Kilmeade: They get featured in every newscast. And by the way, there’s going to be an international climate finance plan, so it’s going to cost the American people money to have other countries clean up their act maybe like China will write him a big check, well no longer becoming the behemoth of energy that we were before Joe Biden got the keys to the White House.


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