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Study: COVID Lockdowns cleaner air added heat to warming planet A new study finds that cleaner air from the pandemic lockdown warmed the planet a bit in 2020, especially in places such as the eastern United States, Russia and China. Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021 A study found the pandemic lockdown reduced soot and sulfate air pollution, but those particles also reflect the sun’s heat […]

Construction workers and their families left in limbo by Biden’s Keystone decision: ‘It’s devastating’ by Barnini Chakraborty On one of his first acts as commander in chief, President Biden stopped construction of the $8 billion Keystone XL oil pipeline. In the second part of this series, “Pipe Dreams Lost,” the Washington Examiner investigates the monumental decision’s effect on the construction workers who have been left in limbo. SIOUX CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA […]

John Kerry’s Antarctica Junket Highlights Climate Hypocrisy By James Taylor John Kerry, as Joe Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, is back in the news telling Americans we urgently need to reduce our travel and our carbon dioxide emissions to avert an imminent climate catastrophe. Like many climate activists, however, Kerry personally lives under a different – more carbon-promiscuous – set […]

Claim: ‘Gasoline is becoming worthless’ – Gas-powered cars ‘destined to become money-losers as early as 2030’ By Rick Newman· Senior Columnist Yahoo Finance You still have to pay a couple bucks for a gallon of gas (more in California, as always), but automakers are discovering that gas-powered cars may be a liability that detracts from their valuations, instead of an asset that enhances values. New research from Morgan Stanley argues […]

France found guilty of failing to meet UN Paris Agreement pledge The Daily Telegraph Climate law-fare has become an existential threat to Europe’s political elites and might bring down French president Emmanuel Macron. Damning verdict of ‘first major climate trial’ in French state is an embarrassment to President Emmanuel Macron A French court has found the state guilty of inaction in fighting climate change in […]

The dark side of ‘green energy’ and its threat to the nation’s environment By Amy Joi O’Donoghue Wind farms and massive arrays of solar panels are cropping up across public and private landscapes both in the United States and abroad as users increasingly turn to “green energy” as their preferred flavor of electricity. President Joe Biden, in fact, has directed the Interior Department to identify suitable places […]

John Kerry claims private jets are the ‘only choice for somebody like me’ – Kerry flew on private jet to accept climate award

.@JohnKerry suggests trying to force Americans to emit less CO2 via the Paris Accord makes up for his use of private jets; “only choice for someone like me" [h/t @FoxNews] — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) February 3, 2021 Kerry explanation condensed: I’m so important to the climate that I have to fly private. […]

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi laments ‘no tolerance of dissent’ in climate debate A chilling thought By Joe Bastardi  Back in 2006, a friend of mine who was a very tough wrestler and became one of the premier coaches in the country ( I watched him hammer his opponents thru high school and college. He pinned his opponent in the NCAA finals for instance in a minute, and […]

‘I’m A Farmer’: Democratic Senator Tester Breaks With Biden Admin By Supporting Keystone XL Pipeline BRANDON GILLESPIE Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester said Monday he is a supporter of the Keystone XL Pipeline, in a clear break from President Joe Biden’s executive order that halted its construction. Tester appeared on “CNN Newsroom” and was asked by host Poppy Harlow if it was a mistake for the Biden administration to […]