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‘Two Pinocchios’: WashPost Fact Checker Calls Out John Kerry for ‘misleading framing of potential solar and wind jobs’ By Jeffrey Rodack   “You look at the consequences of black lung for a miner, for instance, and measure that against the fastest-growing job in the United States before covid was solar power technician. The same people can do those jobs, but the choice of doing the solar power one now is a better […]

Toward a Renewable Chaos: Carbon Imperialism and Disadvantaged Smaller Nations By Vijay Jayaraj Net Zero, Climate Action, Build Back Better, and the Great Reset are some of the names for policies aimed at expediting the transition of the global energy sector from fossil fuel to renewable technology. The goal? Saving the planet from climate apocalypse. But there is a huge hurdle to make this transition […]

Claim: ‘Obsessing over AOC only boosts her profile & her terrible ideas’ By Karol Markowicz What will it take for Republicans to stop putting a socialist lawmaker in the spotlight, either by lamely attempting to cooperate with her, or succumbing to the temptation to savage her inane online effusions, or both — and thereby helping boost her profile? Last week, in the midst of GameStop mania, […]

How Socialism Wiped Out Venezuela’s Spectacular Oil Wealth – ‘Gradual deterioration was 18 years in the making’ By ANDRÉS FIGUEREDO THOMSON Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves and yet the country has run out of gasoline. The socialist government has lost the capacity to extract oil from the ground or refine it into a usable form. The industry’s gradual deterioration was 18 years in the making, tracing back to then-President Hugo […]