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NOAA features temperature chart showing Earth’s history much hotter than today – Past temps ‘Much too warm for ice sheets or perennial sea ice’ What’s the hottest Earth’s ever been? Author: Michon Scott Rebecca Lindsey June 18, 2020 Excerpt:  The tropical Arctic A Smithsonian Institution project has tried to reconstruct temperatures for the Phanerozoic Eon, or roughly the last half a billion years. Preliminary results released in 2019 showed warm temperatures dominating most of that time, with global temperatures repeatedly […]

Climate agenda a danger to our constitutional republic By Joe Bastardi One of the needed ingredients for people to govern themselves is free exchange of ideas. In a free society, the best ideas will come to the forefront. People elected to govern adopt or reject those ideas, and are held accountable to the electorate. That is how it is supposed to work. A […]

Report: ‘How does the Earth’s Greenhouse Effect work? (Hint: It doesn’t)’ The greenhouse concept works for actual greenhouses but makes no sense when applied to the way the earth takes in and pushes out heat. This is a guest post by my friend Alan Siddons. Given my science phobia, I asked him to explain in the simplest possible terms why the greenhouse gas theory is […]

John Kerry falsely claims: It’s ‘cheaper to deal with the crisis of climate than it is to ignore it’ – Reality check: There is no ‘crisis’ & ‘solutions’ would have no impact

Climate Depot Analysis I've said this before, but if you think the costs of doing something about climate change are high, wait till you see how much it costs us to do nothing! — Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) January 27, 2021 Climate Depot’s Marc Morano Responds:   If We Had a Problem, The Climate “Solutions” Wouldn’t […]

MANUFACTURING MANDATES: Sham UK Climate Assembly only allowed those ‘involved with environmental campaigning’ to participate – ‘Sidesteped democratic process’ UK Climate Assembly was undemocratic London, 29 January: The UK Climate Assembly, which claimed to have delivered a mandate for a green revolution, could not have delivered a mandate of any kind, according to a new analysis published by the Global Warming Policy Forum. According to the report’s author, Ben Pile, the Assembly was set up […]