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Report: ‘How does the Earth’s Greenhouse Effect work? (Hint: It doesn’t)’

The greenhouse concept works for actual greenhouses but makes no sense when applied to the way the earth takes in and pushes out heat.

This is a guest post by my friend Alan Siddons. Given my science phobia, I asked him to explain in the simplest possible terms why the greenhouse gas theory is wrong. This is what he wrote and I’d like to share it with you:


Lurking behind the scary stories of people burning fossil fuels and thereby releasing Carbon Dioxide, which threatens to overheat our planet, is the theory of the Greenhouse Effect, the notion that certain gases trap heat and prevent the Earth from cooling off. So let’s look at a simple model of how this happens, the way it’s taught in colleges. Take the University of Washington’s explanation,  for instance, from which I’ve copied this graphic.

The idea here is that light from the Sun passes freely through the air and heats the surface but that a layer of greenhouse gases absorbs the outgoing heat rays.