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The ‘Great Hysteria’ of COVID & lockdowns weakened the USA: ‘China’s war on the West is real…China will trample the West even further’

By Sanjeev Sabhlok

The year 2020 will go down in history as the Great Hysteria, the year when almost the entire world abandoned critical thinking in favour of irrational fear. For many of us living outside Sweden, this has been our first experience of the madness of crowds and of state totalitarianism. 

The Great Hysteria has been built on the biggest lie ever told, that this virus is the next big thing after Spanish flu. And that lockdowns are necessary to prevent the virus from killing millions. 

But data have told us a different story from mid-April 2020 and by now the facts are crystal clear. On 30 December 2020 in an article in The Australian I slightly revised the estimates that I had published on 20 December 2020 on this blog. The average annual two-year mortality of Sweden in 2020 will likely be the second lowest in its history. How is that a Spanish flu? This virus is a “bad flu” of somewhat less severity than the Hong Kong flu. 

The science has also always been clear. Even if this virus had been as bad as Spanish flu, lockdowns would not be a remedy. Innumerable scientific studies both before and in 2020 confirm that lockdowns don’t work and, instead, cause net harm. 

So how did the world get it so wrong? The answer, hiding in plain sight, is: China. While the Great Hysteria was going on, Donald Trump went from an unlosable situation to fighting for his career. And the entire world went backward but China will likely end up with GDP growth, becoming stronger than ever before. 

In this three-part article I will outline the reasons for arriving at this conclusion. For those who want more information, an extensive Open Letter – being prepared by researchers from across the world who are concerned about China’s attack on humanity – will be published in a few days. 

Some people have told me that globalists (e.g. promoters of the Great Reset) and vaccine companies were the principal drivers of the hysteria. I disagree. While both these groups have benefited from the hysteria, they don’t quite have the powerful drive (to remove Trump) or the mass-scale cyber-warfare capacity that China has demonstrably deployed in 2020. 

As Sherlock Holmes said, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”. I will show that all roads lead to Beijing. It is Xi Jinping alone who has – if I may add, brilliantly – orchestrated the Great Hysteria. The novel coronavirus pandemic of 2019 gave him an opportunity which he grabbed with both hands. In an astute manner, he has not only wiped out the threat of Donald Trump (subject to any unexpected change in electoral results in the next few days) but grievously harmed both the USA and India, the two nations which have the potential to challenge China.

The main evidence that I will discuss is that: (i) lockdowns are solely Xi Jinping’s invention; (ii) the Great Hysteria was drummed up by China alone; and (iii) carefully groomed stooges that China had planted over the years in key places in the WHO and other Western institutions were instrumental in sowing confusion among the people, causing the West to abandon its well-laid plans. 

China’s approach and Jinping’s motivations

To understand China’s undeclared covert war of 2020, we need to look at the theory of war, something in which China has long excelled. The principles of war articulated by Sun Tzu include: all warfare is based on deception, supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting, know the enemy, let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and make your way by unexpected routes and attack unguarded spots.

In a 1999 book, Unrestricted Warfare, published by the People’s Liberation Army, these principles were refined for the modern world in which conventional military forces can’t easily resolve conflicts. One of the book’s authors, Qiao Liang has said elsewhere: “The first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there are no rules, with nothing forbidden”.

The book says: “war will be reborn in another form and in another arena”. And: “In terms of beyond-limits warfare, there is no longer any distinction between what is or is not the battlefield. Spaces in nature including the ground, the seas, the air, and outer space are battlefields, but social spaces such as the military, politics, economics, culture, and the psyche are also battlefields. Warfare can be military, or it can be quasi-military, or it can be non-military. It can use violence, or it can be nonviolent. It can be a confrontation between professional soldiers, or one between newly emerging forces consisting primarily of ordinary people or experts”.

China’s war with the rest of the world is ongoing, relentless – and is mainly happening through covert methods. As part of this war, Xi Jinping has been playing a long game to develop “pieces” (experts, politicians) across the world. His signature 2013 Belt and Road initiative is a critical part of this covert war and has allowed China to build deep linkages with Africa, Italy and Victoria (Australia). All of these linkages were called upon in 2020. 

What has been driving Xi Jinping in recent years is Donald Trump, who has posed an existential threat to his regime. Four more years of Trump might have caused the Chinese Communist Party to implode. Finding ways to get rid of Trump has probably exercised most of Jinping’s time and energy.

Lockdowns as a Trojan horse 

China declared full-scale war on the West in 2020 in the most surreptitious way possible: by imposing lockdowns in Wuhan. No one would suspect China of declaring war in this way – by first locking itself. Just like the Trojan horse was dragged inside Troy by getting its citizens excited about something “amazing”, China managed to excite the West through panic and hysteria to drag Chinese lockdowns into its innards – where they have dutifully exploded like suicide bombs.

I explore this further in Part 2.


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