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New Study: UN IPCC Made Fatal Errors In Assumptions About CO2 Which Destroy Global Warming Alarm By Kenneth Richard CO2 is higher at the Poles than at the Equator. When air warms, CO2 goes down and water vapor goes up. The warming effects of CO2 and water vapor do not add; they oppose each other. This is opposite IPCC claims. The IPCC claims doubling CO2 from 280 ppm to 560 […]

The ‘Great Hysteria’ of COVID & lockdowns weakened the USA: ‘China’s war on the West is real…China will trample the West even further’

I've researched a lot and the hand of Xi Jinping is clear. Other theories are BOGUS NONSENSE: Wild speculation. No evidence. China's war on the West is real. And if people don't see it soon, then China will trample the West even further. Read and share: — Sanjeev Sabhlok (@sabhlok) January 5, 2021 […]

Watch: Climate Censorship

  Clear Energy Alliance 9.33K subscribers Will this video be censored? Make your bets. Big Tech will not tolerate any views that run counter to the “climate crisis” narrative. It’s obvious our Tech Betters are all ideologically aligned with the hard left. But that philosophical alignment doesn’t tell the full story. In the case of […]

Omaha World-Herald Gets Facts Wrong Blaming Mild Nebraska Drought on Climate Change Omaha World-Herald Gets Facts Wrong Blaming Mild Nebraska Drought on Climate ChangeClimate Realism / by H. Sterling Burnett / 1d A story in the Omaha World-Herald, titled “Drought, wildfires are Nebraska’s top weather stories of 2020,” asserts climate change caused unusual drought in Nebraska last year. In reality, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data show Nebraska is benefiting from a […]

Cold Autumn Kills Thousands of Birds – Media Blame Global Warming Cold Autumn Kills Thousands of Birds – Media Blame Global WarmingClimate Realism / by James Taylor / 20h Google News and the corporate media are promoting claims that global warming caused the deaths of thousands of birds after a cold early autumn induced the birds to migrate south before they were ready. As common sense would suggest, the […]

Pontifical Academy of Science Emails Document Vatican Hostility to Climate Change Skepticism By Edward Pentin  VATICAN CITY — Five-year-old emails within the Pontifical Academy of Sciences have surfaced to show just how anxious some top Vatican officials were to suppress any voices skeptical of the science of climate change. The testy exchanges, all written that year and leaked to the Register, mostly relate to an […]