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Huge Database Of Studies Documenting Meters-Higher Mid-Holocene Sea Levels Swells Again In 2020

Inconvenient…40 new scientific publications in 2020 Show NO SEA LEVEL RISE ALARM. Sea levels used to be meters higher, paging @IPCC_CH @GretaThunberg @DNC @GOP @ClimateDepot @tan123 @ClimateRealists @Fridays4future @PIK_Klima Follow ALL the science! — Pierre L. Gosselin (@NoTricksZone) January 4, 2021 Huge Database Of Studies Documenting Meters-Higher Mid-Holocene Sea Levels Swells Again […]

UN Seeks Great Sports Reset After Covid: UN Sec-Gen António Guterres: ‘The sporting world must now redefine & redesign itself…to broaden its contribution to the world’s efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals’ Department of Economic and Social Affairs UN DESA HIGHLIGHTSVOL 25, NO. 01 – JANUARY 2021 More than a game – recovering better with sports Sport is all about participation. It has the power of bringing together individuals, communities and countries, often bridging cultural, ethnic and national divides. But as COVID-19 has ravaged through our […]

Despite denials, count on Biden-Harris to direct AG to do their scandalous bidding – Objectives are to ‘bring down the fossil fuel companies’ By Chris Horner  With a potentially bruising Department of Justice confirmation battle looming, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris now vigorously deny that they would ever direct their attorney general to do their political bidding or target specific opponents. This would be unremarkable, had they not promised the opposite with equal vigor — and disturbing specificity […]

Wash Post Columnist: ‘The world in 2030 may be worse than in 2020’ – World may be ‘on the brink of climate disaster’ – Touts World Economic Forum as ‘a bastion of optimism’

The world in 2030 may be worse than in 2020 — Post World (@PostWorld) January 4, 2021 By Ishaan Tharoor – Columnist on the foreign desk of The Washington Post , The Washington Post Jan. 4, 2021 Updated: Jan. 4, 2021 3:55 a.m. Comments If you’re like me, you were probably flooded with […]

Huge snowfalls at ski resorts in Japan – one gets over 7 feet in 3 days By Patrick Thorne Leading ski areas in Japan have reported up to a metre (40 inches) of snowfall in 72 hours to see in the New Year.  However one, Geto Kogen, has re[ported 220cm (over 7 feet) falling in three days, including 105cm in the past 24 hours alone. The latest big falls […]