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The Great Reset – A New Ponzi Scheme – A Big Climate Fail – Greta influenced kids helped set World Economic Forum agenda

The World Economic Forum was founded by economist and engineer Klaus Schwab back in 1971, to bring together the world’s best and brightest ‘influencers’ to guide us to a better path. In 2007, ‘pandemic’ was part of the WEF’s global risk assessment. By 2020, it had been pushed off the agenda and replaced by climate change. Now the WEF want to opportunistically use the COVID-19 pandemic to enact their plan for “The Great Reset”, when they have been shown to have failed to grasp the reality that a pandemic is a cyclical reality in this world; partly due to their blind climate obsession, the world was unprepared for COVID-19. So, should we trust their judgment on “The Great Reset”?
Bjorn Lomborg has issued a new book called “False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet”. Thanks to his detailed analysis, the climate crisis is officially dead. The Great Reset proposals are simply a means to ‘bayonet the wounded’. We should adopt Lomborg’s sensible approach to uplifting the world and adapting to climate change. (Note: We do not fully ascribe to Lomborg’s acceptance of the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory, and we reject his call for carbon taxes, but we greatly respect the rational voice he brings to the climate conversation and that he has ‘done the math’ and shows his work.)
Michele Stirling of Friends of Science: 
“In 2007 just three years after the SARS epidemic hit, WEF had listed pandemic as a critical risk for global economies. By 2020 climate change hysteria by the wise men
and women of the WEF had pushed pandemic off the list.
One reason is that in 2019, WEF surveyed stakeholders to see what other people thought were risks. In their survey of 800 stakeholders, they included 200 global shapers kids. That’s literally a quarter of their survey, asking them what the greatest global risks were and all those Greta indoctrinated youth said climate change of course.
So that’s like asking your babysitter about how to manage your investment portfolio. That’s a big fail.”
Michele Stirling: “Swedish public health and policy expert Hans Rosling wrote that ‘Fear plus urgency leads to stupid drastic decisions with unpredictable side effects.’ So forget the Great Reset. Let’s get on with living. The climate crisis is dead. Recovery will be much more rapid if we stick to basics and get a grip on reality.”