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Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue: ’21 global major hurricanes were observed during 2020 — near average of last 40+ years’ – ‘Western Pacific typhoons near-historical quiet’

In 2020, while the Atlantic was very active, the other oceans that make up most of global tropical cyclone activity (hurricanes & tropical storms) were well below normal — and we expected that due to La Niña. Western Pacific typhoons near-historical quiet. — Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue) January 3, 2021

Claim: ‘Game-changing new scientific understanding’ – Many Scientists Now Say ‘Global Warming’ Could Stop Relatively Quickly After Emissions Go to Zero By Bob Berwyn Making it Stop Some scientists punctuate their alarming warmings with hopeful messages because they know that the worst possible outcome is avoidable. Recent research shows that stopping greenhouse gas emissions will break the vicious cycle of warming temperatures, melting ice, wildfires and rising sea levels faster than expected just a few […]

Biden’s ‘Climate Czar’ John Kerry: False Prophet of the Climate Apocalypse John Kerry: False Prophet of the Climate Apocalypse  By Frank Lasee December 30, 2020 Former Secretary of State John Kerry has a long and notable track record of being a global warming alarmist and now a climate change catastrophist. He authored many failed bills in the Senate that tried to impose carbon taxes on primary energy sources […]

Endless Mask Mandates: ‘When the pandemic is over we should continue wearing masks’ – Should ‘continue to be used as a tool in managing public health’

Liberal propaganda instrument @globeandmail wants societal stupidity to be permanent. That's one way to keep Liberal voters. — Denis Rancourt (@denisrancourt) January 3, 2021 By VIVIAN SONG THE GLOBE AND MAIL Vivian Song is a Toronto expat and journalist who has been living in Paris for the past 10 years. She has written […]

Lockdown fallout: Antidepressant use has hit an at all-time high as COVID lockdowns take toll on UK’s mental health   Locking people in their homes, destroying their livelihoods and preventing them from seeing friends & family will do that. #NoMoreLockdowns — Neil Hamilton (@NeilUKIP) January 3, 2021 Exclusive: more than 6m people receive drugs as experts warn of Covid pandemic’s effects on mental health Calls to mental health helplines and prescriptions for […]

One Little Problem With The “All-Electric” Auto Fleet: What Do We Do With All The ‘Waste’ Gasoline? One Little Problem With The “All-Electric” Auto Fleet: What Do We Do With All The “Waste” Gasoline?NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT / by Paul Homewood / 23min By Paul Homewood I have written on this topic before, but Tyler Durden adds some more detail. From Zero Hedge: Back in the early days of the oil industry […]