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Will Trump’s EPA do anything about CO2 endangerment finding? ‘I don’t think so. That’s a huge issue,’ says EPA chief Andrew Wheeler


An Interview With EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler
By Gabriella Hoffman

In this wide-ranging interview with @USEPAgov Administrator Andrew Wheeler, @GabriellaHoffman speaks with the 15th agency administrator about their 50th anniversary, the Trump administration’s legacy on environmental issues, what media/administration critics got wrong about their policies, and much more. Don’t miss it. Listen on District of Conservation: Subscribe to My YouTube Channel:… #EPA #TrumpAdministration #AndrewWheeler 00:00:41 Administrator Wheeler on EPA’s 50th Anniversary 00:07:35 How Trump’s EPA Differed from Obama’s 00:10:55 How Most Environmental Reporters Are Activists, Not Objective 00:20:08 Seeing Balanced Use in Action 00:21:06 Endangerment Finding 00:25:27 His Worries About an Incoming Biden EPA 00:30:55 What EPA is Up To

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