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Kevin Sorbo Reveals the Unsettling Truth Behind ‘Climate Change’ in New Documentary – Climate Hustle 2 By Jessilyn Lancaster, Managing Editor Is the global warming alarmist agenda all part of the elite’s attempt to control the masses and create a new climate monarchy to rule over the working class? That’s the premise of CLIMATE HUSTLE 2: RISE OF THE CLIMATE MONARCHY, an informative documentary that explores the unsettling truth and […]

The Socialists’ Plan for ‘Ecological Leninism’ David Gordon Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency: War Communism in the Twenty-First Century by Andreas Malm Verso, 2020. 215 pages. Some critics of the draconian lockdowns alleged to be needed to cope with covid-19 have claimed that these measures are merely preparatory steps to accustom Americans to centralized control. Once the covid-19 hysteria dies down, […]

China Debuts ‘Ambitious’ Environmental Plan that Increases CO2 Emissions for a Decade

Xi Jinping announces at weekend Climate Ambition Summit that China (responsible for 28% of global emissions) will increase its carbon emissions til 2030, but then "aim" to become carbon neutral by 2060. Media dubs this noncommittal plan "ambitious." — Craig Rucker (@CJRucker) December 15, 2020 By FRANCES MARTEL Chinese dictator Xi Jinping announced […]

Where Is The Criticism Of China From Environmentalists? They are ‘fully compromised, if not bought and paid for’ by China By Francis Menton You undoubtedly are aware that the international environmental movement has almost entirely been taken over and consumed by the climate change scare; and you also cannot help but be aware of the constant drumbeat of attacks by environmentalists on the U.S. government, particularly under President Trump, for its failure to reduce […]

Federal Reserve joins ‘international group of central banks’ in climate change fight

Having destroyed the time-value of money, the Fed is now moving on to wreck the economy via senseless climate bedwetting. — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) December 15, 2020 # WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Federal Reserve said on Tuesday it has formally joined an international group of central banks working to understand and reduce climate […]

Will Trump’s EPA do anything about CO2 endangerment finding? ‘I don’t think so. That’s a huge issue,’ says EPA chief Andrew Wheeler

  An Interview With EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler By Gabriella Hoffman In this wide-ranging interview with @USEPAgov Administrator Andrew Wheeler, @GabriellaHoffman speaks with the 15th agency administrator about their 50th anniversary, the Trump administration’s legacy on environmental issues, what media/administration critics got wrong about their policies, and much more. Don’t miss it. Listen on District […]

Pope Francis pledges zero CO2 by 2050 at pro-abortion UN climate conference VATICAN CITY, December 14, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — “The moment has come for a change of direction,” Pope Francis urged the world in a video to the U.N. virtual Climate Ambition summit on Saturday, before begging viewers not to “rob the new generations of their hope in a better future.” The summit, attended by numerous state leaders, […]

Another Green Energy Company That Received Millions From Taxpayers Under Obama Has Gone Bankrupt Another Green Energy Company That Received Millions From Taxpayers Under Obama Has Gone BankruptThe Daily Wire / by Ashe Schow /  More than a decade since President Barack Obama took office and began handing out billions of taxpayer dollars to green energy companies, some of those companies are still filing for bankruptcy. Most people will recognize the […]

Skeptical Coalition of Climate Scientists Presents its New Leadership – Dr. Will Happer to head “Unalarmed” Coalition of Climate Scientists Presents its New Leadership Statistician and Ecologist Step Down, Geologist…GREENIE WATCH / by JR / 6hIs this article about sustainable development?YESNO “Unalarmed” Coalition of Climate Scientists Presents its New Leadership Statistician and Ecologist Step Down, Geologist and Physicist Step Up December 14, Arlington VA – The CO2 Coalition, a research center made up of […]