From global warming to climate change to climate emergency, the charged rhetoric from climate alarmists is, like the climate itself, always changing. In a speech at New York’s Columbia University, the socialist United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres upped the rhetorical ante yet again by referring to humanity’s relationship with the planet’s climate as a “war on nature.”

“Humanity is waging war on nature,” said Guterres. “This is suicidal. Nature always strikes back- and it is already doing so with growing force and fury.”

So, in Guterres’ mind at least, it’s no longer a matter of what humans are doing to the planet with our greedy use of fossil fuels to power our lives — it’s more of a combat situation with we humans having struck first and the Earth having the ability to fight back.

Guterres doubled down on the suicide and “war on nature” symbolism in an interview with CBS This Morning on Wednesday. CBS set the table for Guterres with an apocalyptic opening to the segment which stated: “With our old familiar planet increasingly gone, burned and battered, melting in ways we never experienced before, nearly 200 countries struck a deal to at least begin to address the problem of global warming.”

Guterres responded: “There is a growing conscience that the way we are moving is a suicide [unintelligible] to the future and our future generations.”

“It’s time for the war between humankind and nature to end,” Guterres said.

How could we ever get nature to agree to such an armistice?

An interesting side note is that CBS is now touting its relationship with the climate alarmist organization Covering Climate Now, an amalgamation of news outlets with a commitment to “more and better coverage of the defining story of our time,” aka climate change. Some of the group’s more than 400 partners currently includes CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC, PBS and Al Jazeera.

According to a report by the UN’s World Meteorological Organization, among the ways the Earth has fought back against us in 2020 is by the loss of sea ice in the Arctic, “heavy rains and extensive flooding over large parts of Africa and Asia,” an active Atlantic Ocean hurricane season and severe drought in portions of South America.

And according to Guterres, even the Chinese virus is a way that nature is fighting back against us. “We are facing devastating pandemic, new heights of global heating, new lows of ecological degradation, and new setbacks in our work toward global goals for more equitable, inclusive and sustainable development.”

That’s an impressive amount of globalist buzz words and phrases to fit into one sentence. Guterres continued: “To put it simply, the state of the planet is broken.”

Marc Morano of Climate Depot, a climate contrarian website, believes that the “war on nature” rhetoric is evidence that climate zealots are envious of the attention that the COVID-19 pandemic has received in 2020 and could be a harbinger that the movement intends to piggyback on the coronavirus response in order to attain their own goals.

“All the same solutions to COVID-19 were what the climate activists wanted: Destroying industrial activities, lowering emissions, destroying the airline industry, stopping people from traveling, and essentially doing planned recessions through lockdowns,” Morano told One News Now.

“They’re declaring that we have a suicidal war on nature,” Morano said. “Secondly, there is going to be a merging of the COVID climate issue, because what’s happening here [is ]the UN is on record, John Kerry is on record claiming that because we’re not taking care of nature and we’re encroaching on it, that we’re getting new viruses from the animal world … and we have to prevent more viruses by fighting climate change.”

Guterres’s “war on nature” metaphor is, to say the least, problematic. If there’s a war between the Earth and mankind, hasn’t the Earth been waging that war for a lot longer than we humans have? Until the last 150 years or so, we haven’t had the ability or tools to wage such a war. We weren’t technologically advanced enough to harm the planet as we are allegedly now doing. Yet, nature, through destructive weather, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes has been dropping bombs on us since the beginning of recorded time.