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Watch: Morano on Sky News Australia talking climate ‘child abuse’, Climate Hustle 2, COVID/Climate lockdowns, funding

Video here: Broadcast December 6, 2020 – Sky News Australia – Outsiders – Hosts: Rowan Dean, Rita Panahi and James Morrow. Climate activists ‘target children’ Former Republican political aide Marc Morano has slammed climate change activists for “indoctrination of children” in his new movie dissecting the agenda around climate activism. “They are told […]

UN Chief: ‘Humanity Is Waging War on Nature’ by James Murphy From global warming to climate change to climate emergency, the charged rhetoric from climate alarmists is, like the climate itself, always changing. In a speech at New York’s Columbia University, the socialist United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres upped the rhetorical ante yet again by referring to humanity’s relationship with the planet’s climate […]