Watch: Morano on Sky News Australia talking climate ‘child abuse’, Climate Hustle 2, COVID/Climate lockdowns, funding

Video here:

Broadcast December 6, 2020 – Sky News Australia – Outsiders – Hosts: Rowan Dean, Rita Panahi and James Morrow.

Climate activists ‘target children’

Former Republican political aide Marc Morano has slammed climate change activists for “indoctrination of children” in his new movie dissecting the agenda around climate activism. “They are told they have no future, they are facing psychological problems,” he told Sky News.

“They are led by Greta Thunberg and other climate activists that unless they skip school, unless they act, unless they join lawsuits against governments around the world, they will have no future. ”

Mr. Morano compared climate change to COVID as there is “the same intimidation” for dissenting COVID scientists as there is for dissenting climate scientists. He says the focus on children by climate activists is “child abuse” and they are going after children because they know it will work. “Climate seems to only scare children and that’s why they focus on children.”