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Joe Biden has deep ties to the radical ‘Great Reset’ movement and its globalist leaders It would overhaul the world’s economy in favor of more collectivism and the centralization of power in the hands of international elites By JUSTIN HASKINS   On Nov. 3, Joe Biden could be elected the next president of the United States, but most Americans still do not know the truth about Biden’s radical ideology. […]

Joe Bastardi: Some examples where weather may have changed history By Joe Bastardi |October 26th, 2020|  I am a political junkie, I have been since I was 5 years old. There were 2 things I loved ( besides my family)  when I was 5  The weather and John Kennedy.  I was the entertainment at my parents’ parties. getting up on the hassock and imitating JFK ” […]

Rebuttal: Full takedown of mainstream media’s incorrect climate claims & media’s attack on NOAA scientist Dr. David Legates By Tony Heller The left is hysterical about the appointment of David Legates to NOAA. They say the “agency’s mission is under attack.”  This reminds me of six years ago when Judith Curry and Anthony Watts contronted NOAA about some of my claims of temperature manipulation, and they didn’t deny they were doing it […]

New skeptical book ‘Climate Miracle: There is no climate crisis Nature controls climate’ By Meteorologist Dr. Ed Berry They told you they would save the Earth if you followed their instructions. You must believe what they tell you, accept higher energy costs, pay much more in taxes, forget your personal freedom, and vote for their globalist world government. Then they will absolve you from your environmental sins and save the planet for […]

BIDEN BACKTRACKS: ‘I’m Not Eliminating Fracking! I’m Not Shutting Down Oil Fields!’ Former Vice President Joe Biden continued to backtrack from his earlier comments regarding America’s energy industry; telling reporters he’s not “eliminating fracking” after pledging to do so earlier this year. “Donald Trump is the worst possible person to try and lead us through this epidemic… What in the hell is the matter with this […]

James Randi: World’s most famous sceptic & climate skeptic dies aged 92 James Randi, the famed magician and the world’s foremost sceptic who devoted much of his career to debunking the paranormal and pseudoscience has died aged 92. James Randi: “It’s easy enough to believe that drought, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes are signs of a coming catastrophe from global warming, but these are normal variations of […]

2020 Northern Hemisphere Total Snow Mass Increases to 300 Gigatons Above Avg NORTHERN HEMISPHERE TOTAL SNOW MASS IS ALREADY 300 GIGATONS ABOVE THE 1982-2012 AVERAGE By CAP ALLON Data from the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) reveals that the “Total Snow Mass for the Northern Hemisphere” has been consistently above the 30 year average over the past few years, and now, 2020 is actually INCREASING that rate of growth. Feel […]