Medical Residents To Receive Education On Negative Health Effects Of ‘Climate Change’ – But Reality Rejects This Latest Nonsense

August 2020: Scientific American: ‘What Climate Change Does to the Human Body’ – Doctor: ‘In my own practice, I explain to patients how the climate crisis affects their health’

Calls to add ‘climate change’ to death certificates – New study demands ‘climate change’ be added as ‘pre-existing condition’

Study by Dr. Indur Goklany: ‘Global Warming Policies Might Be Bad for Your Health’ – ‘Issues of poverty like malnutrition and unsafe water have a global impact of death and disease 70 times larger than that of theoretical climate change’

Flashback: Analysis of EPA: Climate change ‘politicized the EPA’ – ‘EPA has (mostly) solved the most basic and widespread public health and environmental problems that plagued the U.S’

Lomborg responds to Greta: On climate change, humanity is not ‘evil’ – Praises fossil fuels: ‘Just a century ago, life was back-breaking’ – Lomborg: “We don’t emit CO2 with malign intent. Indeed, it is a byproduct of giving humanity access to unprecedented amounts of energy. Just a century ago, life was back-breaking. Plentiful energy made better lives possible, without having to spend hours collecting firewood, polluting your household with smoke, achieving heat, cold, transportation, light, food and opportunities. Life expectancy doubled. Plentiful energy, mostly from fossil fuels, has lifted more than a billion people out of poverty in just the past 25 years. That is not evil – it is quite the opposite.”

New Documentary Film, ‘Juice,’ Challenges Elitism Of Anti-Growth Environmentalism – Michael Shellenberger: “It was economic growth that lifted Thunberg’s ancestors out of agrarian poverty, raised life expectancy from 40 to 70 years, and liberated women and girls from feudal patriarchy. Without Sweden’s economic growth, and the fossil fuels upon which it depended, the person who is Greta Thunberg would not exist…in the name of fighting climate change, powerful first-world organizations including Sierra Club and Greenpeace, whose annual revenues nearly total $500 million, have forced World Bank and other banks to divert lending from cheap and reliable energy sources like hydroelectric dams and natural gas power plants to expensive and unreliable ones like solar panels and industrial wind turbines. And, last year, Thunberg and other student climate activists even sued Brazil, where per capita incomes are just 25% that of Sweden, for supposedly not doing enough to restrict greenhouse gas emissions…”

‘CO2 Going Up. Human Progress Going Up’ – ‘The gradual increase in the rate of the rise of the carbon dixoide concentration is a sign that we are continuing to expand our energy use and availability, primarily in developing countries like India and China. With more than a billion people still without much access to electricity (and many more than that who would like access to more) and all the life-improving benefits that come with it, we still have a long way to go.’